Is That Really A Bamboo Tree?

By Angi Bair

A gardener wanted to grow a bamboo tree so he planted a seed. Then he watered it and watered it….3 months later, nothing… he kept watering it…a year later, nothing….everyone started to doubt him, told him to give up, told him it was never going to grow. But he kept watering it….two years went by, then three, then four…..everyone else had given up on his dream….then 5 years and still nothing…..but the gardener kept up. Then 5 years and 6 weeks later he had an 80’ tall bamboo tree! 

Compare that to the gardener that plants vegetables and sees the results start to show in just a few short days, with harvest coming 30-60 days later. Both yielded the same results, mature growth and harvest of the planting. Yet both had extremely different timelines or gestation periods. 

Our ideas, goals, and thoughts are like seeds. We plant these ideas and thoughts into our minds and sometimes we harvest things right away, and sometimes we have a longer wait. As long as we continue to nourish and tend to our thoughts, goals, and ideas, they will grow into maturity and we will be able to harvest the results we seek. 

Have you ever noticed that you think about something and it shows up right away, and other times you think about something and it takes years to accomplish? That is a natural universal law. Everything has a finite gestation period. Our ideas and goals will never come faster than the period of time they take to mature. There is no set answer or timeline for your goals, thoughts, or ideas. Each is unique and has its own gestation period. 

This analogy is best described with a pregnant woman. We know the baby is coming in approximately 9 months. After 4 months do we begin to doubt that the baby is coming? Would we want the baby to come early at 5-6 months? No, we want the baby to come at maturity, when it is at its peak and the very best it can be. So when it gets to be nine months and one day does the women begin to doubt that the baby is coming? No, she is even more sure every day that goes on that she is closer and closer to her goal. 

It is the same with our goals, thoughts, and ideas. We plant the seeds of what we want to accomplish. We hold on to those thoughts and desires and nourish them with our hope, faith, and excitement for their arrival. We prepare ourselves to receive our goals, thoughts and ideas. Then we continue on in faith, KNOWING they are on their way. Will it be instant, two weeks, or five years? Does it really matter? The goal will be accomplished when it has reached its maturity and is fully ready to be received. We don’t want a premature baby goal do we? And if it’s overdue do we lose faith that it is coming? Or do we become more and more certain with each day that passes that the goal is on its way? 

We can not control the gestation period for our goals, thoughts, and ideas, but we CAN control our reaction. If we continue to nourish our idea seeds they will grow. If we give up on our dreams and goals the seeds will die. Hold on. Keep the faith. Keep the excitement. And watch the magnificent results you can create.


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