What is Perfect?

By Angi Bair

What is perfect? Who decides what is perfect? Is good enough perfect? Is my idea of perfect and your idea of perfect the same thing? Is perfect something finite? 

The definition of perfect is (noun) “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be, absolute, complete. Or (verb) “Completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible”. 

While we live in our inherently imperfect world, the term “perfect” will be different for every person, because we are all unique. I have learned that nothing is good or bad, perfect or imperfect. Everything JUST IS. I am the one who assigns meaning to things. So If I am going to assign meaning to something, then why not decide that things are good or perfect! Why would I decide that something is bad? 

Based on the Law of Relatively some things will rank better or worse in my judgement, but everything can still be good. It is up to me to find the good, recognize the good, and give credit and thanks for the good things I receive. 

As I was working on my Mindset Mastery goals I wanted everything to be “perfect” and I learned throughout the process many things about the idea of perfect. The first goal I achieved was exactly as I had written it. So technically it was “perfect”. I wanted to find a specific picture for my goal. I did find the exact picture I had described and it was even hanging in the exact spot I envisioned it in the store. When I arrived at the store, the picture wasn’t at all what I really wanted and I didn’t like it. So although it was technically perfect and I achieved my goal, to me it was imperfect. This type of thing happened to me a couple of times throughout the mindset mastery program. 

I learned two lessons from these experiences. First I learned to be more descriptive and really envision specifically what I am wanting to achieve. If I want something to be perfect then I have to do a better job of describing and visualizing what it is I really want. Secondly, I learned to find the perfect in the seemingly imperfect. I decide my attitude and I judge the perfection of things in my life. It was perfect that I found what I was looking for, even though the exact picture wasn’t. I perfectly achieved my goal and I learned valuable lessons. 

My final phase two goal in Mindset Mastery turned out perfectly imperfect! I learned to keep my eye on the final goal and enjoy the feelings of excitement and passion I had for the result of my goal. In the beginning I tried to “figure everything out”. I planned and anticipated where money would come from….and it didn’t. I worried, I stressed, I thought I wasn’t doing things right. All I knew with certainty was that I COULD NOT GIVE UP!! So I kept holding on to the thoughts and feelings about achieving my goal, even when I was discouraged that things didn’t appear to be moving along perfectly. I kept the vision, and I did it! I achieved my goal. It wasn’t how I planned or how I thought it would be throughout the journey.

The journey was not perfect, but the end result WAS PERFECT! Not technically perfect, but perfect because that is the meaning I decided to assign to it. All the things I envisioned and held in my thoughts and feelings came true along with many other things I didn’t expect. I chose only to look at everything through my perfect eyes and my goal was perfect. 

Our lives and experiences are how and what we create them to be. We want love, joy, prosperity, and abundance in our lives. We can perfectly create these things in our lives by changing how we see things and holding on to our thoughts and dreams.


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