Don’t Cancel the Order

By Alisa Hancock

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states that everything is either coming into physical form or going out of it. Everything is created spiritually before being manifested in the physical realm. We create spiritually when we exercise our faith and can effectively visualize our ideas, thoughts, and dreams.

Belief and gratitude speed up the creation process; doubt and fear reverse the creation process. When we want to speed up the creation process, we need to increase the level of belief in our dream, and we need to get rid of all doubt and fear.

Many of us have intense fears of lack of money, lack of health, and/or lack of healthy relationships. By focusing on our fear of lack, we are unconsciously creating the very thing we fear. We need to make a choice to believe in our dreams, and we need to remove all fear of lack.

Matthew 21:22 says, “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” We start the creation process when we ask God for something, believing we will receive it. At the very moment that we doubt or fear, we literally reverse the creation process.

Many people say, “But I’ve asked and asked, and I would like to receive, but what I’m asking for just isn’t coming.” I compare this to being hungry and ordering a pizza — then being afraid the pizza may not come in time, or you may not have the money for it, or you may not like it after all, and so you call and cancel the order.

But then you decide you’re so hungry you don’t care when it comes, how much it costs, or whether or not you like it — you are hungry and you really want pizza. So you call and order the pizza again. And then the same fears set in — what if it doesn’t come in time, what if you can’t pay for it, what if you won’t like it after waiting so long for it — and you cancel the order again. You repeat this cycle 50 times.

Later that night you’re hungry and frustrated and you say to yourself, “I am so hungry! I ordered 50 pizzas and not one of them was delivered! Why not?”

We do the same thing in our lives. We ask God for something, but then with our doubts and fears we cancel the order. And then we wonder why God didn’t give us what we asked for.

Repetition builds a strong belief. The more emotion we can put into our repetition, the stronger our belief will become. And remember that belief speeds up the creation process. Some people get results by writing out statements every day. Personally, I have had more success with saying them out loud because I can put a lot of positive emotion in my words when I’m saying them. I put all the enthusiasm and passion I can muster into my statements.

Using correct wording will make your statement more effective. To be sure I am putting positive emotion and gratitude into my statement, I always start with “I am so happy and grateful now that…” The word “now” is also important because it brings our dream to us now — instead of keeping it out in some future date so that we never quite achieve it. Keep your statement in present tense and put as much emotion and detail into it as you can.

Using the pizza example above, you could say, “I am so happy and grateful now that I am enjoying a freshly-baked, hot pepperoni pizza. The crust is baked to perfection, and I feel grateful, content, and fortified as I enjoy my pizza!” Say this statement at least 10 times with all the enthusiasm you have. Do not let doubt and fear creep in, and in a short time you will be enjoying a freshly-baked, hot pepperoni pizza, with crust baked to perfection instead of going to bed hungry!

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