Profound Gratitude does What?

By Alisa Hancock

The Law of Vibration states that not only is everything in a state of vibration, but that vibration is a medium for transferring signals. Everything vibrates, nothing rests.

Physics teaches us that everything is made up of molecules that are in a continual state of motion, or vibration. The faster the vibration, the more fluid a substance is. Because our thoughts are made of matter, they are also constantly in a state of vibration.

Conscious awareness of vibration is called feeling. Choosing good thoughts and feelings raises your vibration and helps you attract the things you want into your life.

Shame, guilt, blame, anger, and hate are examples of low vibrations. You can recognize when you are in a low vibration because you feel bad. Joy, love, peace, and gratitude are examples of high vibrations. You can recognize when you are in a high vibration because you feel great!

One of the most sure ways to change from a low vibration to a high vibration is through deep and profound gratitude.

I have a friend who has been a mentor to me for years. She is someone who has succeeded in every area of her life. I have watched her go through difficult circumstances and come out on top every time. I wanted to learn her secret so I visited her and asked her a lot of questions.

She kept answering, “It’s all about gratitude. It’s all about gratitude.” That seemed to be her answer for everything. I kept thinking about that one phrase “It’s all about gratitude” after I left her house and for several weeks after. I knew that if gratitude really was the answer, and I wasn’t experiencing all the things I wanted to experience, then I was lacking in my understanding and application of gratitude.

Shortly after meeting with my friend, I was able to test my new understanding of gratitude. Right as we put our Arizona home on the market, the real estate bubble started bursting. Homes were still being built at an incredible pace, and there were a lot more homes on the market than there were buyers. I tried visualizing the right buyer for our home, I wrote vision statements, I hung pictures of the house with a sold sign — anything I could think of to activate the laws of success and bring the buyer quickly, but no buyer was coming.

I was trying to be grateful, but in truth I was stressed out and frustrated. I kept seeing how many homes were on the market, and how home prices were falling weekly, and it was stressing me out (stress and frustration are low vibrations). Meanwhile, we had moved back to Dallas, Texas. We were in our new home and I knew my husband’s company would pay our Arizona mortgage for six months. As the six month period was coming to a close I tried as hard as I could to feel as much gratitude as possible.

At the end of the six months our prayers were answered and his company extended the benefit so we had a little more time for the house to sell before we would have to make double house payments. I was so incredibly grateful that for a solid week I did everything with complete gratitude. I did not experience any stress or frustration — just complete gratitude. At the end of that week, our realtor called and told us we had an offer on our house. We closed less than a month later.

From that experience I learned the difference between being grateful and living my life in complete gratitude. While I thought I was being grateful in the past, in truth I was dissatisfied and inclined to complain when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Once I experienced that “gratitude zone” I knew that was how I always wanted to live my life.

Without finding a place of complete gratitude, would our Arizona house have sold? Of course… eventually and with a lot of stress!

Do I still get stressed, frustrated, critical, or dissatisfied? Of course! I’m still learning. But now when I find myself out of the “gratitude zone,” I start journaling gratitude right away. It really helps me to write the things I am profoundly grateful for. I keep writing until I can feel myself back in the peaceful “gratitude zone.” You can also use meditation or relaxation to get back to the gratitude zone — find what works for you and do it as often as you need to.

Once you really get accustomed to the “gratitude zone,” you won’t ever want to leave it.

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  1. Oh, Thank you for sharing! I know gratitude is important, but I didn’t realize how big of difference it could make or the difference between being grateful vs living in gratitude. I have been needing this instruction.

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