Growing the Perfect Website

By Carol Colvin

I’ve been dreaming of the perfect website since 2012 when I first attended SimplyHealed training with energy healing guru Carolyn Cooper.  I wanted to be a certified SimplyHealed practitioner, and one of the requirements, along with completing a number of client sessions and collecting testimonials, was to create a business website.   I got to work booking sessions with clients as soon as I returned home.  I loved the work and was gratified by the feedback I got from my clients.  Soon I had gathered the required number of testimonials.  Then I got stuck. 

I have been a perfectionist as long as I can remember.  I want to do things the right way, and I want to do them right the first time.  In junior high I would procrastinate starting my book reports until the night before they were due, and then I would start over every time I made a mistake.  I have never written a rough draft in my entire life.  As I write this article, three days before it’s due, I am correcting and rewriting almost every sentence as I go so that when I get to the end, the article will be the way I want it to be with no edits.

My dream of launching my website by early 2013 ran up against my procrastinating, perfectionist nature.  First of all, I didn’t know thing one about creating a website.  I knew I would probably have to depend on someone else to help me, and I really don’t like depending on other people.  According to my therapist I’m fiercely independent. (At first I thought that was a compliment.)  Also, I knew hiring someone would be expensive.  I’m super frugal just like my ancestors, and I find it hard to part with money.  There were more obstacles. I didn’t know what to call my business; I didn’t know anything about branding; I needed a good headshot.  To be honest, as soon as I planted the “seed” of my perfect website, I immediately agonized over whether the seed was good enough, how and what to feed it, whom to hire to tend it, etc.  I second guessed even planting it.  I finally hired a college student studying web design to help me, mostly because she was super cheap, but I soon learned that it’s true that you get what you pay for. I pulled up my ugly, puny website “plant” and let the domain name expire.

Last fall at the SimplyHealed refresher course I got excited again about getting certified.  The requirements were still the same, but I had changed.  I was confident, aware of my strengths, and I had a clearer picture of my dream.  I had learned about the law of vibration and was more willing to part with money, trusting in unseen help to provide what I needed. I was ready to plant a new dream website “seed,” and to hire the right person and pay the right price to bring it from seed to fully formed tree.  I vowed that I would not pull it up this time.   In November, 2019, I replanted my website “seed” and naively expected it to be ready to harvest by the end of the year.

My website will launch this month, nearly a year after I hired my fabulous web designer and branding expert, Anna. Anna could have created a basic website for me and had it up and running last December.  She’s really good at what she does. But she knew that the website “fruit” I wanted, the one that fit my dream, would take longer than that.  She is an expert website gardener, while I am like a child who expects to eat snap peas tomorrow that were planted this morning.  As we worked together, the launch date for the site moved from January to July and then to the end of October. It’s been frustrating, but we agreed that we wanted a powerful, ripe website, not a wimpy green one.

My first website dream seed failed to grow for many reasons.  I didn’t have a clear picture of the fully formed plant; I didn’t hire a knowledgeable person to guide me and tend the website for me; and I pulled it up, sure that it would never be perfect.  The website I am launching this month is probably not perfect, but it’s ripe.  I feel confident that I planted it in the right spot, that I have nourished it adequately, and that I have a qualified gardener tending it.  It is ready to be harvested, right on time.  And, as evidence that I’ve sort of conquered my procrastinating, perfectionist nature, I’ve completed this article three days early!


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