Financially Free, Finally

By Carol Colvin

You’ve struggled for years, working hard and taking care of your family.  Somehow, though you earn a decent income and are pretty frugal, you’re in debt up to your eyeballs and you have no savings.  How can you get ahead?  What should you do break free from debt and accumulate savings? You can overcome obstacles that have blocked you in the past by thinking and acting according to seven natural laws governing success.

The Law of Perpetual Transformation says that everything you need is either coming into form or going out of form.  Using this law, you can bring your ideas into solid reality, or you can doubt your dreams back into vapor.  Create a picture in your mind of what you want and get excited about it.  Imagine yourself gazing at a bulletin board with your bank statement and all your bills tacked onto it.  Your bank statement shows a huge balance, and your bills are all marked “paid in full.” Now imagine your delight as you realize, with tears of joy streaming down your face, that you are wealthy.  FEEL the joy until you nearly burst.  

According to the Law of Vibration, your emotions send out a signal. That signal will draw the vibration of the picture you created to you.  You may be inspired to do something or speak to someone. Someone with a solution may suddenly be inspired to help you. Unseen help will come.  The solution to your problem is out there, and when you are in harmony with its vibration, it will appear.

The Law of Cause and Effect says that every action brings an equal and opposite reaction.  A good action away from you will bring good to you in equal measure.  A bad action will bring bad in equal measure.  You’ve sent out the high-vibrating dream signal, and now you need to follow up with high-vibrating actions. This is not the time to waste money, hoard resources, or demand immediate payment of debt owed to you.  Do not do anything illegal or unethical, as natural law does not support a lack of integrity.  Look for ways to give and to serve others.  Forgive those who have offended you. Learn everything you can about money management from those who know what they are doing.   Take inspired action based on their advice and your own gut feelings.  You must act. You must move. You cannot be guided in the right direction from your Netflix-binging position on the couch.

Your dream is now on its way to you.  But it might be slow in coming, or it might take a detour, or it might be held up by bandits along the way.  You will need the other four laws to help you have the right perspective when this happens.

The Law of Relativity helps us to compare our circumstances with something worse so that we feel positive about the current situation.  If you work your plan for a year and still have some debt, tell yourself that it would be a lot worse if you hadn’t started. Also note that there are millions of people in worse financial shape than you. 

The Law of Polarity allows us to find the seeds of good in every obstacle to our dreams.  You may have to take a break from saving and reducing debt to pay for a car repair.  This is good because you will quickly see the benefit of saving – the car repair doesn’t add to your debt.  Allso, consider the good that can come from having only one car.  When my husband and I experienced this trial, we had to communicate really well in order to share the remaining car, and we spent a lot more time together combining our “his and hers” errands. We also bonded over our shared financial stresses and deepened our relationship. 

The Law of Rhythm tells us that we will have ups and downs as we work our saving/debt reduction plan.  When we struggle one month, we can look forward to a better month.  Because we know it’s coming, we can be grateful for it in advance.  Gratitude raises our vibration, bringing the upswing even sooner. 

Finally, the Law of Gestation tells us that our dream will ripen eventually. If we are patient and don’t doubt, and if we don’t give up and decide that debt is just part of life, we will succeed.

Picture yourself financially free.  Feel how wonderfully GOOD it feels.  Then act as inspired to give, serve, learn, and change saving and spending habits. Trust that your dream signal was received, and that help, seen and unseen, is on the way.  Hold on when things seem to go wrong, and be patient.  By law, you will harvest your dream of financial freedom. 


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