Stepping In

By Michelle Taylor

Have you ever felt led to move forward into doing something that caused you a lot of fear and trepidation, but knew that if you just moved forward it could be something completely amazing?  I am sure most of us have had those experiences.  Not everyone has the courage in that moment to step into what they are feeling encouraged to do.  I have had many experiences with this and sometimes it has taken me months to step into something I felt inspired to do, but it has always worked out just the way it needed to. I want to share my experience and I hope that it gives you the courage to step into whatever you are feeling motivated towards. 

I recently took a course that helped me recognize some things about the way my mind thinks and the way I can change it to make my life better and succeed in the things I want to accomplish.  Several months after finishing the course I felt inspired to call a transitional housing program to see about making a presentation about overcoming anxiety.  I was frozen from doing anything for a long time.  I had thoughts run through my mind like, “I am no expert.” “What will they get from me?” “I am broken.” “ I am not great at teaching others.” For months I put the thought aside and was too scared to do anything for a long time.  The thought would not leave me and I finally found the courage to move forward and make the call.  I didn’t have anything planned, I still wasn’t perfect and I was still scared. 

I gave myself a couple of weeks from when I called to the time of the class to get myself ready.  I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where I would even start.  I began writing down my experience with anxiety on little note cards.  As I prayed and asked God to lead me into what He wanted me to share, I was led to books, videos, and information that just brought all of the things I wanted to say together.  The day of the class came and I asked my husband to come to support me and he did. I had everything ready and I was excited.  I presented what I needed to and people asked questions.  It was a wonderful discussion and I could see that the men and women were inspired and desirous to better their lives for their children.  It went better than I had thought it would.  As we were leaving the director of the transitional housing program came up to us and said that she had women coming into her office crying, asking if we could come back the following week to teach again.  We said that we would be happy to and did. 

It is scary to step into something that you cannot see the purpose of, or even how you can accomplish it. If you are receiving a prompting or thought of inspiration, there will always be direction following it, so that you can be successful in accomplishing and fulfilling that inspiration. You will not be left alone to fulfill that prompting or inspiration and often the resources have already been prepared beforehand for your success. I am now encouraged to continue to follow those promptings.  Something that may help you increase faith in moving forward is writing down all the times you followed a thought and how it was accomplished.  Build your evidences by writing them down and little by little your faith will increase and you will boldly go and step into whatever direction you feel led. 


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