From a Seed of Belief to a Litter of Kittens

By Heather Gibson

My easy to accomplish goal did not go as planned. In fact it had gone from straightforward and doable to looking impossible. 

Can you relate? 

After finding the perfect breed of cats that were emotional support animals for my children, I was asked if I was interested in breeding a litter. 

With so few of the breed in the US it seemed like a service to others and aligned with my love of animals. I had a breeder to work with, a deep love for animals, and a desire to share the benefits I experienced in my own family. 

I had it all laid out in my mind. A perfect course. 

However when our kitten got to be a year old, the breeder I was working with didn’t have a stud that was not related to her. 

No matter how hard I tried and how many breeders I called I could not find another breeder to work with me.  

They all turned me down for one reason or another. 

I finally found a breeder that would allow me to use his stud but my girl did not get pregnant and the breeder seemed unwilling to try again. 

I was getting close to giving up on my dream. 

By chance I stumbled onto a breeder, Hazel, that lived several hours from my house who agreed to work with me

I was so excited! 

I drove my female cat, Coco, to her house and met with the breeder for a few hours. We connected and I learned a lot. Coco stayed behind to wait until her next heat cycle. 

While Coco was there, Hazel was diagnosed with COPD and was told that she could not have cats in her home if she wanted to get better. She offered to allow me to purchase much of the equipment she had as well as her breeding program. She had a female cat that was very pregnant. A week later she delivered 7 kittens at my house.


This dream took a quick turn from almost fading out of existence to a medium level breeder almost overnight. Here I am seven+ years later, and it seems like a small blip in time and the frustration of waiting for this dream is a faint memory. 

The Law of Gestation states that every idea needs to be planted like a seed and grow. 

We need to plant our dream seed with the expectation that it will sprout and stop worrying about it! Some seeds will take longer to come to fruition- but that doesn’t mean it isn’t growing under the soil, just about ready to peek out. 

Too often I see people pull their seeds out by the roots just when it is about to sprout and produce results.

How do we stop ourselves from giving up a dream too early? 

Turn to your Higher Power and ask for help. Ask for the spark of genius to lead you the right way. 

Give thanks for the help that is coming. 

Go to work following any sparks that come up even if they seem unrelated.

Make sure you are in vibration with your dream by taking the time to imagine and feel what it will be like to have what you want as though you already have it (see the post on the Law of Vibration). 

Be like an expectant mother of a baby. If the baby doesn’t come on the due date, a mother does not decide the baby is no longer coming. She anticipates and prepares.

What could you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Would you tackle your road blocks with more persistence? 

Believing you can’t fail shifts the choices you make, and you will be open to solutions that are not currently part of your thought process.

Just like my breeding program came in it’s own time and way, your dreams will also come in the right time and way. 

I could have gotten one litter of kittens earlier and returned to the same situation with no stud and very few options. Instead God had me wait and search until I found the solution that helped launch one of my life’s passions and missions! 

Trust Him and He can do the same for you.

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