Learning to Be God’s Hands

By Heather Gibson

Warning- Confession Included 

Yesterday I made a same day round trip to AZ and back to UT to drop off a kitten and pick up a kitten from someone else. When you fly with a pet you are required to check in at the special services desk each way. On my way to AZ I stood in a 45 minute line to check in. 

When I got to the front and looked behind me the line had grown. I asked if there was anyone else that could help so flights weren’t missed. I prayed as I walked away that there would be help so that the line moved faster and allowed people to get where they needed to go. 

Then I felt pretty good about myself. ;-}

When I landed in AZ I quickly noticed a very long line toward the ticketing counter and found out it was the Delta check in line. I was blessed enough to have a 4 hour layover so I wasn’t too worried about missing my flight. 

There I stood for almost 3 hours- listening to and sharing ideas about what the Delta staff could or even should do better. 

I acknowledged then that there wasn’t enough staff to do some of our ideas. 

To my chagrin, it wasn’t until today in church that I realized all our solutions were possible if we had offered help to the Delta staff. 

I could have offered to organize those in line and have an agent dedicated to helping the next flight out. Getting a passenger on a plane is much quicker than having to reroute and transfer to a different itinerary.  

The cute family in front of me with 3 young girls might have made it to Boise to spend time with their family instead of having to come back to the airport 2 days later. One of the girls left crying at the disappointment of the delay. 

Instead of thinking what others can do I need to be far more proactive with my actions. 

Yes- Delta’s employees might have turned down the help, but as Leslie Robertson Householder teaches- “The solution to every problem is only an idea way” and with some creative problem solving and help from Heaven, I could have come up with something that would help. I prayed in Salt Lake for passengers to make their flights but in Phoenix I didn’t use some of my God given talents to be part of the solution. 

Lesson learned and hopefully this mistake will not be repeated.

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