Raising Your Rock Bottom

By Heather Gibson

It was a horrible day. 

I found our cute 5 month old platinum mink kitten, which we had been working so hard to keep alive, limp on the couch. She had been to the vet several times and had just come back from a 3 day stay there. 

Her prognosis was not good. 

The vet was stumped after running lots of tests and told us we could feed her every 2 hours and see if we could pull her through, but the chances were slim. We gave her loving care, feeding her every two hours even through the night but it was not enough.  

She died in my hands a short time after I found her.

The life of a breeder comes with its ups and downs.

The downs can feel jarring- painful beyond words at times. It would have been easy to quit there. I certainly had a good enough excuse. 

However I had been a breeder long enough to see the joys of breeding. 

The wonder of watching a kitten grow and discover the world around them for the first time. I had seen the joy in a child’s eyes when she came to pick up her new little kitten. I had witnessed the powerful increase of emotion benefits to children. 

I knew to have the ups I must also experience the downs. 

It is a law of nature some refer to as the Law of Rhythm. The bright side to the Law of Rhythm is that when you are in your lows, you can rest assured that you will not stay there. 

The Law of Rhythm states that it is impossible to stay in your low!

The other bright side is that we can change our rock bottom! As we allow ourselves to learn from our lows, we can actually elevate our bottom. We can reset it! 

Then it will never be our rock bottom again.

I have learned a lot from my painful experiences over the years. There are some I may never have to repeat because of the knowledge I learned by going through them. That means, moving forward, the downs will never be as low.

As breeders we will experience the lows of losing a kitten or puppy no matter how careful we are or how many times we have lost one. It will be painful again, but we have more knowledge to both help ourselves and the next kitten or puppy through that low. Thus it will not be as hard as the first time. 

Our rock bottom has been raised even if we don’t see it at the time.

As long as you stay open to learning, you can count on better days ahead and the ability to bring your life to a higher plane!

PS: Wait until you see how I bring the different laws together in the next article for great insight into how the laws work together for your good.


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