Law of Cause and Effect

By Cameran Hadlock

There is an amazing and important law of nature called the Law of Cause and Effect. This law can be described in two parts: first, everything has a cause and everything has an effect; there cannot be an effect without a cause and there can never be a cause without an effect. Second, for every cause there is an equal and opposite effect.

Nothing happens by chance; there is always a cause. Whatever has happened, is happening, or will happen are just the effects of certain causes. Each cause is the result of some choice and action that we took or did not take.

Our life is just a reflection of all the causes and effects we have chosen for ourselves. If we want different results in life we must change what we cause to happen. We have the power to change those causes by changing our thoughts, feelings, and actions. When you change your thoughts that causes your feelings to change, which causes your actions to change, which ends up causing your results to change. So by changing that one thing, your thoughts, you ended up causing a chain-reaction of events that led to completely different results.

The Law of Cause and Effect shows us that when we take an action towards our desires, our desires take a step towards us. There is always an equal and opposite reaction to every action. Whenever you make an action away from you, the effect is that a reaction comes back towards you.

This is an important part of the law to understand because it means that we only have to do fifty-percent of the work to achieve our goals. To understand this, let’s think of a boomerang. You throw the boomerang out there and it comes back to you. Or, you put your force against a weight machine and it pushes back, helping you reach your desire of a stronger body.

I’ll share an example from my own experiences to help explain this law.

In high school a trained for the two mile race. When I started the season, I hadn’t been exercising and so had just as much ability, or lack of it, as anyone else would in my situation. I began training for the competitions by running eight or more miles a day. First I would run two miles, than four and so on until I was running ten miles most days. At this level of training, I was able to compete with the other competitors in the race.

How was I able to go from a slow one mile to a fast ten mile? The answer lies in the law of cause and effect. As I caused my muscles to run faster and for longer periods, the effect was resistance which made my legs and body stronger. Not only this, but as I exerted effort away from me into the ground to propel myself forward, there was a reaction that was helping me. The reaction was the ground equally resisting my force so that it was possible to move myself forward. Without both sides of this happening I could not have improved my running ability.

Remember, there is a cause and effect to everything. Find the cause to the results you want and your life will blossom with those results.


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Cameran Hadlock

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