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Monica Zollinger graduated from Mindset Mastery for the SECOND time!!

Did you know you can repeat the course for next-level goal achievement? Indeed, you can.

The first time she went through the program, she did it self-paced independently. The second time, she decided she wanted to try the Guided version.

Monica used this second opportunity to tackle some new challenges, including:

  • Overcoming a computer game addiction.
  • Learning to believe that someone really wanted to help her,
  • Making a call to ask for the help she needed
  • Talking to her husband about the hard topic of money
  • Getting herself to Facilitator Conference and Mentor Training

During Phase 1, our students conduct an intentional experiment with the Rare Faith principles. Sometimes it’s about causing something to happen, and sometimes it’s about gleaning important lessons when things don’t go the way we want them to. Here is Monica’s Phase 1 experiment report in her own word:

I had been trying for a couple of days to “receive a yellow rose.” I wrote out descriptions about how joyful it would be to know someone was thinking about me to send a yellow rose that smelled so good and was so soft against my cheek. I heard the water running as I filled up the vase to display it on my counter. When I focus on myself or things that I want, it doesn’t seem to work as well for me. Maybe it’s because I doubt myself, I don’t know.

I was trying so hard and it wasn’t working. Then I saw Leslie’s Facebook post regarding a tip for anyone struggling to complete their goal. I read it several times:

A TIP for anyone struggling to choose or complete their Phase 1 Inconsequential Goal:

Here’s one that can work for anyone. (Date) “I am so amazed and grateful that I experienced for myself the power of the Rare Faith principles. The opportunity to apply them showed up, and when it did, I knew just what to do. And it totally WORKED! I’m not really surprised, but definitely grateful. I now have the confidence I need to move enthusiastically into Phase 2. I’m astounded at how perfect that experience was, like it was designed just for me.”

I thought about it again this morning. A genius idea came to me that I needed to give in order to receive. The law of cause and effect. So, I posted a couple of yellow rose pictures on my Facebook page with the comment, “I love yellow roses! I love friends! So, I am sending these yellow roses to all my friends!”

Within a few hours, I had reactions from more than two dozen friends! I knew they had thought about me, which was the real reason I wanted to receive a yellow rose. I also sent the photos to a friend through email. I received a reply that she had been having a hard time. She shared a story and thanked me for the timing of such beautiful gifts of yellow roses, which were her favorite, and our friendship.

So, I am grateful for this experience and the principles I am learning. The opportunity to apply them showed up, and when it did, I knew just what to do. And it totally WORKED! “It was designed just for me” because I always feel better when I am focused on others.

Excellent insight, Monica.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in things not happening the way we think they should, that we miss the real gifts, opportunities, and answers that have the power to enrich our lives and uplift us in important and meaningful ways. And as we learn to live in that space, the things we want are more naturally inclined to find their way to us.

After Phase 1, I asked Monica to evaluate and describe the outcome of her experience facing a fear from assignment/lesson 18. I wanted to know how effective she was at being able to think truth in spite of appearances. She had a goal to do both Mentor Training and Facilitator Conference, but did not have the money for both. She was afraid to ask her husband for it. So by following the directions in her lessons, she got herself into the right mindset and, in her words, “the best possible outcome was achieved.”

She was able to attend both Mentor Training online AND Facilitator Conference. Back row, far right:

I asked how she dealt with anxiety or other troubling emotions during the course, and she replied:

I tend to just procrastinate and ignore feelings until they are past. But then they just come up again. While I am learning to just follow the daily ideas that come despite anxiety I may feel (and I’m getting better), I have not dealt with a couple of major issues. The smaller ones, I have just taken a deep breath, told myself it would all be okay and shared my vulnerability anyway. It’s never been as bad as I think it’s going to be.

During Phase 2, the students apply what they learned in Phase 1 to accomplish a goal that is meaningful, challenging, and which requires Rare Faith to achieve it. In other words, something beyond his or her natural control. Here was Moncia’s report:

During the course, I had several goals achieved. My first goal was to lose 10 pounds so that I could feel better about myself and start having more energy to accomplish other things. I had no idea how I was going to do that because I had gained 25 over the past eight months. I reached out for help and got a mentor, who also knew of a great weight loss program. I decided that since it showed up after I made the goal, it was a good thing to do. I didn’t even tell my husband I spent the money because I knew he would never approve it. I lost 20 pounds in four months. Since I had already lost the 10 pounds when it was time to submit my goal, I decided to extend it a little more.

She had used a goal statement of intent to help her “stake her claim” and reset her subconscious conditioning. It said:

“I am so thankful that I have a routine for cardio exercise as well as stretches that are designed for my body. I consistently follow these exercises to keep my body fit and limber. They are fun and only take a few minutes per day. I feel invigorated each day and see my body slimming down. I am more energetic throughout the day and get so much more done because it awakens the energy and spark in me and I love how I feel about myself and my body. It doesn’t even feel like exercise. Movement keeps my body healthy and lean.”

It didn’t make everything change magically without effort, and it didn’t even automatically put her on the right path to achieving it. However, what it did do was give her the clarity and direction she needed when it came to the point of decision. She explained:

I couldn’t find the right exercise that I could be consistent with. Finally, when I focused and decided it was time to choose, one stuck out for me. I hadn’t wanted to spend money, but my husband did approve the expenditure and it came with friends who would hold me accountable.

One of the other goals I had was to overcome the addiction of a computer game I had been playing that kept me from getting important things done. I was vulnerable with my [Guided Mindset Mastery] classmates and they encouraged me. I stopped for a week once, but then relapsed. Finally, I had the inspired idea to uninstall it from my phone. I immediately did while I was feeling the spirit and haven’t played it since.

She wrapped up her report with this:

Throughout this class, I have accomplished one goal after another. Having the accountability of reporting to friends every week kept me focused on keeping up with the lessons and the goals just kept happening.

When you focus on what you want and on the principles that are learned in the Mindset Mastery course, you start seeing results. The accountability and the encouragement every week from class members (who become your friends) in the online Mindset Mastery course makes this course definitely worth taking!

Congratulations Monica! We’re super proud of you!!

Monica has since moved on to join the Rare Faith Program Facilitator Track. You can learn more about Monica and what she’s up to at her page:


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