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This Conference will be focused on connection, growth, and rejuvenation.

Event: 5th Annual Leadership Conference – St. George, UT – October 11-14, 2023

  • Wednesday – Check in at 2 pm
  • Saturday – Event ends at 11:00 am


This event was previously called Facilitator Conference. Your registration fee includes three nights in your room, resort fees, meals, and 3.5 days of fun, motivation, and inspiration.

Who is Invited?

1) Existing Facilitators and Facilitators in Training – Those who have completed or are working on the Facilitator Track.

2) Sales Team Members – Those who completed our Sales School and earned a spot on our team.

3) Rare Faith Community Ambassadors – What is this?? This is a new distinction for those who have a passion for the principles, a desire to abide by them, and a vision for becoming a living example of how the principles can bless people’s lives. An Ambassador is someone who is engaged in the community at large (not just our Rare Faith community) and actively striving to live the laws. That intention alone has a powerful impact, and we want to celebrate it! If this describes you, that impact is felt naturally through every one of your comments and reactions in our community, and elsewhere! You are already up to so many other things that you don’t have the time, means, or energy to be a facilitator or sales team member, but you also don’t want to lose the meaningful connection you’ve forged in the Rare Faith community with your friends, and fellow leaders.

(Community Ambassadors have no official roles nor responsibilities. While there is no pay for being an Ambassador, there are also no events to put on, no sales to close, and no commitments or metrics to meet. Come feel appreciated for working to improve your life and the lives of your family members using Rare Faith, in whatever capacity you’re doing that. We love to see leadership by example! If you’re living the Rare faith way in your own realm, making a difference as an ambassador of the principles, join us at this year’s Leadership Conference.)

What some of our past participants love about this event:

“I loved gathering and joining with others who have the same goals to make a difference in this world and the support there is for each other’s success.”
“I love the love and camaraderie that is felt with everyone. I love visiting with others and getting to know them better. I love the entire atmosphere. I felt very safe, loved, and like I belonged.”
“Every time Leslie was teaching – because she’s AMAZING! Ann’s sessions – including and especially the small group interactions. What Ann taught was practical, interactive, and I appreciated it so much!”
“The overall feeling of friendship and unity was so fantastic. I have never experienced a feeling like that before. [The] workshop sessions were so practical and useful. It was so helpful to spend time thinking about the experiences that I can take to my GBCs to teach, and to polish those stories and practice sharing them. … I felt like the combination prepared me for taking action on my goals.”
“I loved the in-person connection with people I have only ‘met’ online. It was so much better to interact with them and work with them face-to-face. That is always more effective for me. I enjoyed seeing the different directions that these principles are being taken and could locate myself in them, specifically the teaching in schools and with youth. I connected with the ways [the training] brought us back to using the principles to determine what we will do with our training, ensuring that we will have experiences to share when we teach. The business training was helpful as well. Specifically getting a glimpse of how we can create sales funnels and draw people to the work so that they gain further understanding as they are ready, and so that we can earn an income from it. I loved that we broke into groups to ‘teach’ the principles because we got to hear their own stories and their insights. I had some insights into the principles that hadn’t come before that will help me the next time I teach.”
“The thing I loved most was being around the amazing and like-minded people all week. I felt like I was among friends wherever I went. I also loved the calls to action and the opportunities for growth. I loved being reminded of who I am and why I am here. I came away feeling like I knew my next step.”
“Conference was one of the best experiences of my life! There was power in that room. Never have I felt love and connection with EVERY single person in the room before. It was incredible! The content was really great, but what made it LIFE CHANGING, was the power of love and connection that was present in that room. Safety was felt, love was felt, cheering for each other was felt, and the desire each person has to impact was felt! It was one of the most beautiful and impactful events of my life! Whatever intention was held for the group was absolutely felt! Thank you!!”
“It keeps getting better. I appreciate your commitment to improvement. Expecting the facilitators to be using the work in their lives was more apparent. I loved the effort to teach some mentoring skills.”
“Being able to be around other like minded individuals. I loved learning about to better respond to others versus react to be able to better meet people where they are.”
“I enjoyed being with all my old and new friends who are trying to live the universal thought principles. The mentor training from Ann was great. I wanted more of that and time to practice. I loved seeing the growth in my fellow facilitators and to see that they are being given more responsibility.”


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3 reviews for Leadership Conference 2023

  1. Dawn Norton (verified owner)

    Facilitator conference was great. I loved the working time we had this year to work on our businesses. It was homey and I love the personal interactions with the other facilitators who have grown to become some of my dearest and most respected friends.

  2. Colain White

    I admit, I was nervous, not knowing what to expect at this conference. I found that I was surrounded by love, acceptance, and others with my same desire to grow deeper into our understanding of how to better help and serve others through teaching Rare Faith principles.
    If you long to be in a place of learning and growth, full of support, while you stretch and grow to a greater version of yourself, no matter your current level or progression in this work—rare faith conference is that place.

  3. LIVIA PEWTRESS (verified owner)

    This event is a sanctuary of love, support, and creation. Come. Feel the unity of purpose and purity of heart that is Rare Faith. Alone we easily doubt and delay. This is not the rare faith way. Together we rise, we inspire hope, share in a loving way that inspired others to believe in themselves and step into possibility. What you do is so important.

    I really loved experiencing the love and friendship with those who teach Rare Faith Trainings. Their hearts are in the right place and there is a genuine desire to serve. It’s a wonderful experience.

    If your soul says YES, choose to believe and come be united.

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Leadership Conference 2023

(3 customer reviews)


5th Annual Facilitator Conference
Near St. George, UT
October 11-14, 2023

For Facilitators, Facilitators in Training, Sales Team Members, and Rare Faith Community Ambassadors.

Fee includes room, food, and 3.5 days of connection, celebration, learning and rejuvenation. (Image gallery includes snapshots from previous locations).

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