The GUIDED Mindset Mastery Program

ANNOUNCING! The “GUIDED” Mindset Mastery Class 

No more “going it alone”!

I love the Mindset Mastery Program. It’s been around for nearly 10 years and with hundreds of students experiencing it’s powerful process.

But previously, the only two options for completing the Mindset Mastery program was 1) online, or 2) shipped. In both cases, it was a primarily a self-directed course.


While some people are naturally motivated to push themselves through the lessons and challenging assignments to graduate with Honors, others have more difficulty staying on track. 

Sometimes participants get to one of the more challenging lesson assignments and then pause, digest, prepare to tackle, and then wrestle with it… ultimately overthinking how they should proceed, and they get stuck. Paralyzed. And too embarrassed to admit it and reach out to the community for support.

While there is no deadline for completing it in these two formats (one of our graduates took 4 years to finish it), and while the online community is always available to help a person get over the hurdles, sometimes people think they are the only one struggling, or that they should be able to figure it out on their own, or they doubt anyone in the group would understand why they’re stuck, and actually know how to help.

The good news is that the Mindset Mastery program is rooted in principles which are accessible to everyone, no matter what their background, experience, or skill level. It meets each person where he or she is at, and helps them level up and increase their confidence in achieving goals with Rare Faith.

The bad news is that previously, we only made the program available to those with one learning style.

That’s why it was time to create a NEW enrollment option:

The GUIDED Mindset Mastery Class

This 3-month course is a hands-on, structured, group-paced course, where you meet for one hour each week online with your Expert Guide and up to eleven other class members, as you go through the program step-by-step, week by week, together.

You’ll be guided through ALL of the 24 Mindset Mastery lessons online, with a proven system for holding you accountable, and keeping you on track for successful completion.

For a FULL Program Description including outline, click here



Session 01 – SOLD OUT
Session 02 – SOLD OUT
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Session 05 – SOLD OUT
Session 06 – SOLD OUT
Session 07 – SOLD OUT
Session 08 – SOLD OUT

NEW DATES AND TIMES Recently added:

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How much does it cost?

One session or semester takes you through the entire class. Cost is $1597. Sometimes offered on sale, and a payment plan may be available. You will also have an option to upgrade to Guided PLUS for one full year of training and support.

What do I get? 

When you enroll in the Guided Mindset Mastery Program, you’ll get all the same materials that come with the online version of the Mindset Mastery program, a knowledgable expert guiding the class through each challenge and fielding questions along the way, and an accountability system for keeping you on schedule and progressing toward successful graduation.

You’ll experience the powerful life-changing journey in a small group of 12 like-minded students, who are experiencing the same process with you from week to week. You’ll enjoy ongoing support, so you can more easily make progress at a steady pace through every single one of the mind-expanding units, from start to finish.

Who is this for?

The Mindset Mastery program is for anyone who wants to gain practice and confidence in applying that “Rare kind of Faith” that causes things to happen. This is accomplished as a scientific experiment, of sorts, in two phases:

Phase 1 – You use the principles to experience success with an INCONSEQUENTIAL goal, in which the outcome is beyond your natural control.

Phase 2 – You use the principles to experience success with a MEANINGFUL goal, in which the outcome is beyond your natural control, by:

  1. Identifying a long-term, life’s purpose goal.
  2. Identifying a shorter-term goal that is difficult, meaningful, or important.
  3. Identifying and accomplishing a bite-sized piece of the shorter-term goal, which is beyond your natural control, to which you apply the principles, with success.

Through this proven process, you’ll experience the success pattern for yourself, and teach your brain a skill that you will be able to repeat again and again for making steady progress toward the achievement of ALL your goals, throughout your life.

Not just for newbies!

This class is not only a fresh start for NEW enrollees, but it also provides a fresh start for existing participants who got stuck along the way, or for veteran graduates who want to experience the process at a whole new level, and who want to enjoy fresh, new success.

There will also be an opportunity to learn how YOU can potentially facilitate future classes for a home-based income.

Seating limited to 12 participants.

Did you know?

The GUIDED class is INCLUDED in our Guided PLUS program. Details below: 

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11 Responses

      1. This program is conducted online and is available to anyone around the world who has internet. Our 6 pm Pacific classes would be at 2 am in the UK (we’ve had people join at odd hours of the night), or our 10 am class would be at 6 pm in the UK. We would love to have you participate! Warmly, Leslie

  1. I am interested in taking the guided class, One of the problems with the internet is that you dont know how old the information you are looking at is. So, I am not sure when this was posted so I dam am not sure what is the current schedule.

  2. Hi Leslie, I want to do the GUIDED Mindset Mastery Program, but want to do the premium shipped one, so I can have the ability to go back and listen and have the other increased levels of success. Is the premium shipped still guided?

  3. When is this going to be available again. I wanted to enroll and it says it’s sold out on the facilitated online mind mastery program fit for 15 weeks

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