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Overview: Based on the principles contained in The Jackrabbit Factor and Hidden Treasures, this program provides the training, environment, enlightenment and support for gaining practice and confidence in achieving goals using Rare Faith. One registration per checkout, please.

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* Saturday, Nov 6, 2021 at 2pm PT with Dr. Cari Skrdla (replays available for late starters)
* Tuesday, Jan 11, 2021 at 11am PT with Dawn Norton

Guided Class runs weekly for 14 weeks. Guided PLUS runs weekly for 14 weeks and provides additional training and support for a total of 1 year. Learn more about Guided PLUS

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Nov 6, 2021 Cari Skrdla, Nov 6, 2021 Cari Skrdla (Guided PLUS), Jan 11, 2022 Dawn Norton, Jan 11, 2022 Dawn Norton (Guided PLUS)

39 reviews for Guided Mindset Mastery Quest

  1. Leslie Householder

    One of our very best facilitators!

  2. Deanna Toronto

    I have known about the principles taught by Leslie for years. I have know for that long that they would be effective and had power to change my ways of thinking and approaching life. Although I still feel like I have much to apply and experience my awareness of what is in my power to bring about the changes and goals I desire has increased substantially. Also, as I was participating in the Mindset Mastery Guided course, I was experiencing very high emotional and stressful relationship challenges with another family that I care about. Because of the principles I was learning I was able to keep my mind in a much better place than it would have been in before I learned what I now know. Leslie is so down-to-earth and genuine in her communication and teaching. You feel she can relate to you and that she genuinely has created her courses for the purpose of making others’ lives better. Stay committed and you WILL experience positive changes in your mindset and life!

  3. Amayea Maat

    I have done an extensive amount of work in my life on my faith, my ability to understand spiritual principles AND definitely goal achievement – but all separately. I was not sure what I was going to experience in this course based on that. Let me tell you, I absolutely gained incredible value from this course as it brought ALL THREE of those things together! Very few times have I seen a course where that was completed in such a way that there were valuable lessons and exercises through each chapter. I not only get to experience them myself but during this whole process I was sharing with others the universal laws and their impacts when I was coaching my clients. This was a great course and I encourage anyone who is looking for something to break apart their automatic way of doing things to elevate to the next level to take this course!

  4. Lena Mattice

    The Mindset Mastery Self paced program is a great program to help you break down the book the Jack Rabbit factor and get your mindset where you want it to be so you can accomplish your goals. You learn so much great information to help you be the person you want to be. The manual helps you think outside the box and open your mind to new possibilities. You will love this course and all the things.

  5. Kim

    I loved the class Mindset Mastery. The workbook really helped me to apply the concepts learned and to remember them rather than just reading and listening. I learned so much and really believe in the power of our minds and how important it is to control our thoughts. I really enjoyed the zoom classes too. We had a great group to learn from. I have been applying what I’ve learned to help me achieve my goals and to improve myself. I’m really glad I decided to be a part of the class! Thanks!!

  6. Jolene Redmon

    I’m currently working on the Mindset Mastery self-guided course. I have read all of Leslie’s books and have attended Genius Bootcamp (which was amazing, inspiring and well worth the time and money.) I started this course before Bootcamp and it truly is LIFE-CHANGING. I have come to realize that I have been holding myself back all these years by the way I’ve been viewing life and through my thoughts. Just a small shift in thinking has been transforming my relationships with my friends, family and even with God. I’m truly grateful for this course because it is teaching me how to bring more joy into my life. I’m gaining control of my life and living on purpose and I’m only 1/2 way through!

  7. Marsha Burton

    There is actually a reason for that fear. Let me show you something… ( I would draw out the and Show stickman concept) Do you still have Dreams? You can have it all but you do not need to do it all. I have 2 teams right now to help me get things done with integrity. Mindset Mastery is more than just how to establish goals! It provides clarity, purpose, and action steps. But Mindset Mastery is even more than that. It’s has affinity, authenticity, and gut wrenching truths. That YOU KNOW to be true.
    Things will get hard. It’s our job to think “right”. When your soul is compelled to a purpose you have to go for it. My default mission is corporate – My Life Mission Is to change the evolution of the humankind through justice reform. That scares me. I now have deep, rich, usable tools to guide and support me! You deserve to live beyond mediocrity if that is what you want. Mindset Mastery & Portal to Genius are the way. Can I get an AMEN?!?!

  8. Rachel

    Great Class! Wonderful to learn from others! Wonderful how we can use these things to change our lives and those around us. Be prepared because you will be a different person when you finish this course. Amazing knowledge and personal growth will occur! Thank You!

  9. Krista Harrop

    I had the privilege of taking the Guided Mindset Mastery course, and it was AMAZING!!! Mindset Mastery in and of itself has amazing content, and it’s set up and organized in such a thoughtful way, that it really helps you to master these principles, learn how to apply them in your life. Leslie has such a passion to help people not only understand these principles, but let them sink down deeply into your soul! In addition being a part of the Guided class has been life-changing for me, simply because I found my personal “tribe.” We had such a close-knit group, and it’s been amazing to be able to share these things together, help and support each other in learning how to use “rare faith” on a daily basis, and letting each other be raw and real. I am so grateful to have been immersed in a group of like-minded people where I can be myself and be lifted and supported in amazing ways!

  10. Jacob

    I decided to take Mindset Mastery after reading the Jackrabbit Factor, at the encouragement of my wife. The concepts in the book were new to me and I still had a lot to wrestle with as I learned and began to apply them. The course added so much to my understanding and my ability to apply the principles to personal and business development. Now, I am inviting everyone I work with to read the books and take the classes! The potential these principles have to benefit my life, my family, and my clients is incalculable. I’m still new to the ideas and needing to refine my understanding, but I have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone ready to learn. “When the student is ready, the master will appear.” Get yourself ready…

  11. Christy Lee

    I wish I could give this course 10 stars!! It was exactly what I was looking for to help me overcome my doubts and fears in moving forward with my goals in my business! I loved the guided course because it kept me going and challenged me to complete the lessons so that I could learn more from the group discussions. I learned so much from the insights of my class members and the amazing facilitators that answered my questions and encouraged me all along the way! The laws of success that are taught in this course will change your life! They will help you to face the challenges of life with faith instead of fear and if you are all in with the lessons and the course work you will learn how to dream bigger and accomplish more than you ever thought was possible in your life! I can’t recommend it enough. I have taken other courses that seemed similar to this and cost much more, but this one was by far the most impactful!

  12. Rebecca Thalman

    I worked through the self-paced Mindset Mastery Course and I loved the insight and growth that I gained over the process. For me, the 6 month time-table was ideal because it really allowed me to internalize the information and make it a part of me. I deeply value what I have learned and the confidence I have gained in creating what I truly want. One of my challenges was to zero in on what I actually want in my life not just what I thought I should want. Once I got to that true picture of what my soul desires, I went all in and I’m grateful for the unfolding of all of the pieces that I need. I’d like to thank Leslie for the excellent course she has designed and I highly recommend it.

  13. Melissa Nitta

    This class was so helpful and inspiring. I felt like I learned new things every week and was able to set patterns for continuing change and growth. I’m actually already planning when I can take it again!

  14. Jennifer Robinson

    This class has helped me brake through my terror barrier of writing. I’m so excited to share that I have been writing every day since starting the Mindset Mastery course. Thank you!

  15. Deborah Hess

    I came into this course with some ideas after reading The Jackrabbit Factor and Portals to Genius. But never did I think this course would change all parts of my life.
    You don’t just sit and listen to a speaker. You have to work and do the lessons. You do the work and work with others to dream and achieve success.

  16. Elise Adams

    Almost immediately after starting The Jackrabbit Factor, I KNEW I wanted to participate in anything produced by Leslie and Trevan! It didn’t take long to register for Mindset Mastery! I can honestly say this course has changed the trajectory of my life. I KNOW I can and will succeed with the knowledge I have gained. It is not easy. This course is one you must work for. I loved the challenges and thought provoking activities – that took me both inside and outside myself to learn! I highly recommend. Don’t wait. Do it.

  17. Judy

    THIS course should be required training for everyone! And not just for the 14 weeks it goes, but continual!

    This provides you tools to not only understand what is happening in your life, but how to navigate yourself through whatever you might be going through – in good times and bad times both!

    This is not a sit back and listen in class and take notes and take a test for a pass or fail kind of class. It is a take action, really learn and understand and experience, and then do it again, and again and again ~ so that it becomes truly integrated in your life!

    I am sincerely grateful for the Householders, and all the work they have put into this course, and everything they offer. I am blessed, and you will be too if you decide now to take this course!

  18. Kevin Close

    I took the course with a bit of trepidation as I was involved with some others taking the class in a situation that was uncomfortable to me. I spoke with Dr. Cari about this in detail and decided it would be good for me to go thru with this. This class was a revelation to me it helped me create things I didnt know I could do. It helped me communicate with the people involved in the situation and move to a resolution. It guided me in creating a rabbit. It guided in me traveling 20,000 miles in the middle of pandemic to see my girlfriend i hadnt seen in 9 months. I apply the teachings daily I would say it has it changed my life.

  19. Kevin Close

    I started this course with a bit of trepidation as there was a uncomfortable situation for me with some people who were also taking the class. I spoke to Dr. Cari at length about this and the course has actually helped me in communicating with the people involved in the situation I mentioned. I can not speak any more highly of this class it has completely changed the way I think and do. I literally manifested a rabbit. Not a jack rabbit but I had one of those later. I practice the principals that were taught in her all the time and I believe without a doubt I can create what every my mind can conceive.

  20. Jennifer Bourne

    I first read The Jackrabbit Factor over two years ago and it immediately shifted my mindset into a whole new way of thinking. I requested to receive RareFaith emails and when I learned about an opportunity to do a Genius Bootcamp, I jumped at the chance. I was going through some life-changing shifts and it helped me so much!
    Then, I learned about Mindset Mastery.
    Every week the course seemed to answer life questions I had in that particular moment and although the negative circumstances I was in didn’t get better, my ability to handle them did–tremendously! I have found myself choosing to believe even when there was no outside evidence that I could or should.
    I am more connected with myself and better understand who I am than I have in 29 years!
    This course literally changed the direction of my life for the better in every way!

  21. Sarah Young

    I went into this course unsure what to expect, but knowing I needed to learn “how” to think. I already recognized that I held a strong knowledge of the laws of thought, but it was also obvious to me that I didn’t necessarily know how to use this knowledge on purpose. I enjoyed reading the course material and often noticed my thoughts recognizing the same patterns in my own life. This recognition helped me to start becoming consciously aware of the power I have in my life and circumstances and the damaging power negativity can have when I allow myself to entertain it. I instead have learned to look for the good in all circumstances and to become more careful in my speech. My confidence grows as I use proper application of thought and practice what I have learned through the Mindset Mastery Program.

    My favorite part of the guided version of the course (besides the material itself) was the weekly class that kept me on track to complete the coursework. It provided the opportunity for class members to ask questions or share experiences as many ‘a-ha’ moments (small and large) were had by all. It was amazing to be with a group of people united for one common goal: to learn how to think.

  22. Lauren Stott

    This is such an INCREDIBLE course! I read The Jackrabbit Factor and it really opened my eyes to the natural laws of prosperity. It all just made sense and I really wanted to learn more and learn how to apply those laws consistently in my own life. After a couple years, I got up the courage to sign up for Genius Boot Camp. I even used the principles from the book to “jackrabbit” my (financial) way to the class! It was crazy how when I really put my mind to it and didn’t allow any doubt to reside in my mind and heart – things just fell into place. And SO much easier than I thought they would!
    When I signed up for the Guided Mindset Mastery class, I chose it because I knew I would need the help and support of others to make sure I put this important work as a priority. Also, WOW! The calls each week were amazing! It made complete sense, but was still surprising how much I learned and grew in the collaborative spirit of the discussions. I am so grateful for the perspectives from each person in my class and the way they made me want to become better in so many different ways.
    This class is like others you might take, but it’s about 10 levels higher. You will not regret the money you put into it as you learn to navigate the way to prosperity. Doubt not, fear not. This course will help you put the laws of prosperity into action and your classmates will help you raise your level of thinking to help you find those solutions you need for your life right now.

  23. Dawn Norton

    I can’t say enough good things about Mindset Mastery. I’ve been in this work of Rare Faith for eleven years now and it has transformed nearly every area of my life. Using MM I was able to go from a low five figure income to six figures. My goals are created and completed more quickly. My doubt is nearly gone and my faith has increased exponentially. I know there are laws that govern what I want and achieve and now I am taking this principles into my relationships. Mindset Mastery Guided gives you a supportive team to help you move through the material more quickly and reliably than doing it on your own. Cannot recommend this course enough!

  24. Kristi

    When I read The Jackrabbit Factor a few years ago, my mind opened up to a whole new way of thinking. I wanted to learn more. I took the Mindset Mastery course twice and attended Genius Bootcamp. Guided Mindset Mastery helped me dive deeper into the principles I was introduced to in the book. I am grateful for the knowledge I gained about God’s laws and how to apply them. I am grateful for the friends I made. I am grateful for the growth I experienced. I am especially grateful for the breakthrough I had that I am worthy of my husband and I taking our marriage to the next level. I love everything about RareFaith. I feel spiritually strengthened. Thank you Leslie and Trevan for being instruments in God’s hands and sharing your experience!

  25. Leslie Householder

    This facilitator did an amazing job of helping her students experience a breakthrough.

  26. Cosette Snarr

    This course can be life-changing if you’re willing to put in the effort. I loved the way it challenged me and made me look at myself and some of my beliefs in a different way. I participated in the guided course and really enjoyed having a group of people to share my thoughts and experiences with. The leaders are magnificent and so concerned about helping you achieve your goals and be successful. I loved everything about the experience!

  27. Diana “DaNannah” Barber

    Mindset Mastery is a must-have program for every individual and family. I’ve been blessed with a physical and electronic copy of the Self-paced program and the electronic and in-person Guided program. Thank you, Leslie, Trevan, Cari, and Guided MM Class 03! Knowing the laws (and discovering more along the way) is crucial to understanding how life in general and manifestation in particular work. Attending the weekly lessons and weekly forum and posting and reading posts on the FB page has brought greater understanding, peace, joy, and connection with like-minded, higher-authority respecting (God-loving) individuals. I’ve appreciated hearing about others’ struggles and how we each have overcome them. The Terror Barrier is real, and so is our ability to scale or penetrate it! I highly recommend Mindset Mastery (and Rare Faith podcasts! and The Jackrabbit Factor! and Genius Bootcamp!) for “doing life smarter.” Come, join a tribe that “gets it” and respects your journey and our Creator in the process.

  28. Janita Boer

    This course has truly made a difference in my transformation. I’ve taken other courses before that have helped me, and this one brought it all together. What I’ve learned in this program gave me an understanding of how things have come about in my life in the past, and also gave me the knowledge of how to have things in my life go the way I want them to go. While participating in this program, I started my own business handcrafting luxury soap. For years I wanted to own my own business, but never thought I could do it, and I was able to accomplish this goal through Mindset Mastery. I also fulfilled a goal by completing this program. During the course of the program I discovered that over the past several years, I had began educational courses at colleges 6 times and never completed them. I realized I had an issue with giving up – thinking that it would take too long or that I wasn’t diligent enough to finish. So I made it a goal to complete this course no matter what and I am so very grateful that I did. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to transform their life.

  29. Lucas H. Davis

    On the recommendation of my wife, I started reading The Jackrabbit Factor and Portal to Genius a couple of years ago, and I thought the ideas and ways of changing who I would think would be good. They were and are a key part of a change already seen in our family. Then I read and pondered Hidden Treasures. Finally, I enrolled and enjoyed the past 14 weeks of taking the Guided Mindset Mastery program. We are counseled to “fear not” and with studying and practicing the Laws of Thought, I am truly seeing what the Lord has wanted me to become, and I feel I am now ready to work with Him to become my best self. What Leslie and Trevan have brought to us all through compiling their experiences and changes is pivotal to changing our world in to a place of thinking and positivity. I would encourage anyone to read all three books, and enroll in Mindset Mastery. It is worth the time, work and wonderful new friends you will meet.

  30. Kathryn

    I love love love this course and these teachings. I’ve been following Leslie and Trevan for years and have taken some of the courses in the past. This spring, I registered for Guided Mindset Mastery AND Genius Bootcamp. It has absolutely changed my life. I am a much calmer, happier person, and much more in tune with what I want to do and how to accomplish it. Thank you!

  31. Sheryl Younger

    If you have read all of Leslie’s books, you won’t get more new information, but what you will get is a step by step process of actually applying all the information you read about in the Jack Rabbit Factor and Hidden Treasures. It has been truly transforming! I at times resented all the assignments, but now that I have worked through the whole course, I am grateful for each step and how it builds on the next and that the course required something of me, more than just reading and thinking those are good ideas. It helped me get down on paper my thoughts, goals, fears, and deepest desires. Thank you.

  32. Marnie Kuhns

    This is a fantastic program. Even though I was familiar with the laws of thought and have used them successfully in the past, going through this course helped me finally tune into my life purpose and start living it in a clear, proactive way. It also taught me how to use the principles to improve my health. This course has been a God-send! I’m feeling so much better physically. Also, I feel like I know who I am and what God has me on earth to do AND I’m doing it! That is HUGE!

  33. Adrian Booher

    I have looked at this course for many years wishing I had the money to purchase it. I finally bought it on discount and was blown away! I know now that it was always worth many times over what I would have paid for it at full price. I have grown in ways that I didn’t even know I could. I have conquered things that I didn’t even know were holding me back. I have found so much joy and fulfillment in the life I already had because I understand how to manage my thoughts and tackle my challenges without being overwhelmed. I have a clear path to move forward and I have the tools to make the most of whatever happens.

    I’m sure I will come back to it and take it again. There is so much power in each lesson. The action steps that I was led to take were powerful and awakening. The goal requirements were well-described and empowering. Sometimes I lingered on a lesson to be sure it sunk in all the way. I was able to go at my own pace and let it fill my life as each step unfolded.


    I absolutely love this course, this group, and everything I have been blessed to learn, thus far. Ever since being introduced to The Jackrabbit Factor, Portal to Genius, and Hidden Treasures, I have been devouring as much as I can about The Laws/Principles and insights. It has all been *life-changing*! Taking the Mindset Mastery Guided Plus course has been eye-opening, mind-expanding, and faith-building. Knowing I can co-create with God to accomplish my worthy life goals and discovering my life’s mission is wonderful!
    Gaining greater respect for these principles has allowed me to achieve some significant life goals that I thought would take a lot more time and effort than it actually needed. I loved learning that I don’t need to know beforehand *how* to achieve a goal or resolve a situation and the way will be made known to me at the opportune time.
    The discussions during the weekly class calls, the forum, and here in this FB group have been, and continue to be inspiring.
    I am excited to continue learning more fully these principles, growing in faith, and teaching others what I have learned through my own experiences and growth.

  35. Alyson Porter

    I have purchased a lot of courses over the years, that were very content rich with information. But THIS [Guided] course has been TRANSFORMATIONAL! I am a different person now. Seriously. I think differently, I feel differently. I process things differently. I am a new person! I have literally learned how to master my mindset. I so appreciate Leslie and Trevan for helping me to find and release the REAL me.

    There is nothing greater than the journey we go on to become who we are truly meant to be. And this course has done that for me! Thank you! You need to get this course. It will change your life!

  36. Johnathan Barlow

    To say the least, this course has been transformational. I didn’t realize my old way of thinking was sabotaging the successes I wanted to see in my life. After going through this mindset mastery course, it has change the way that I view the obstacles and challenges which still come up, however, I now get excited when I face those challenges. After going through this course you will know what I mean. I live my life now with greater faith, peace of mind, and a calmness that actually brings the desired results faster! Thank you so much Leslie and Trevan for your love, support, and teachings that have blessed my life as well as my family. [Guided version]

  37. Steve Dragon

    Guided Mindset Mastery has been the absolute best program for my personal growth that I have had the privilege of participating in! Coming to a greater understanding of the laws and principles of creation as taught by Leslie and reinforced weekly by Trevan in the Guided program has made a huge difference for me. I’ve been so much more confident in accomplishment, and felt like I really had the ability to draw things and situations to me that I didn’t realize I had. What has helped me the most, I think, is all the personal stories from Leslie’s own life experience as she learned all these principles herself through trial and error. Her experiences were very often my own, so it helped me to know better what I could do to improve my own situation. She doesn’t just talk about her successes but also very openly about her mistakes, some of which were pretty significant. I’m so grateful for her willingness to share that. Despite my own weaknesses and mistakes, I believe through her example and precept that I can achieve all I’ve ever wanted in life. Thank you, Leslie, and thank you, Trevan, for your contribution to my growth and success!

  38. Corrine Smallman

    I have been doing the Mindset Mastery course and been learning from other people as well. I have to say, [it] is the best course I have come across, it is easy to follow and understand. Leslie has written it in a way where it flows and moves from one part to another without interruption. For anyone who wants to know the truth, and / or is tired of buying into scams and is a bit worried ……….. HONESTLY ………. get this course, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! You will learn so much and understand exactly what is happening and why. This course will CHANGE your life, for the good – better – best …… for ever !!

  39. Corrine01

    I have been doing this course and been learning from other people as well.

    I have to say, this is the best course I have come across, it is easy to follow and understand. Leslie has written it in a way where it flows and moves from one part to another without interruption.

    For anyone who wants to know the truth, and / or is tired of buying into scams and is a bit worried ……….. HONESTLY ………. get this course, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED !!!

    You will learn so much and understand exactly what is happening and why.

    This course will CHANGE your life, for the good – better – best …… for ever !!

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