Weekly Forum

Hi everyone!

This message is for everyone who has ever participated in the Mindset Mastery Program, OR who hope/plan to join soon.

Some of our recent GUIDED Mindset Mastery students expressed how much our weekly video zoom meetings helped, and how much they wish the calls didn’t have to end.

Our sudden spike in graduation applications is a testament to how effective those weekly calls have been.

Good news!

We listened, and decided to create an ONGOING Weekly Forum for that very purpose, and make it open to EVERYONE who is a Mindset Mastery participant, not just Guided class members.

Did you hear that???


The Mindset Mastery Weekly Forum!

The Weekly Forum is available for ANY participant who wants continual Q/A and discussion for the extra edge it provides for helping the principles become habitual, instinctive, and intuitive.

We want you to graduate! We want you to achieve that goal you’re working on right now!

This new weekly call will be FREESTYLE – in other words, it won’t be tied to any particular lesson the way our Guided Mindset Mastery Class is.

No, THIS special discussion will focus completely on YOUR burning questions that you and other students submit on a week to week basis.

Imagine that!


Even though the Forum won’t focus on any specific lesson, you’ll actually get access to each of the GUIDED Mindset Mastery lesson recordings for ALL previous sessions! At no extra charge!!

The students in those classes generously agreed to let their session recordings be made available to YOU. Join the Forum and you’ll find out why they would agree to such a thing.

Powerful stuff!!

What better way is there to go deep, get your questions answered, and glean all the nuggets inside these powerful concepts that change lives?

Your month-to-month access to this special discussion begins:

  • Thursday July 11 (and then each Thursday after except holidays)
  • 6:30 pm PT / 7:30 MT / 8:30 CT / 9:30 ET
  • Replay available if you can’t attend live

Originally launched (and sold) at $597 for three months membership, we JUST dropped the price to only $38.95/mo!

(Those who already purchased at the higher price get their choice of 16 months pre-paid Weekly Forum membership, or credit toward a Physical Mindset Mastery program and 6 months membership)

To participate in the Weekly Forum at just $38.95/mo, you must have continuing access the lessons, OR be a Mindset Mastery Graduate.

There are three ways to do this:

So AFTER you meet one of the three requirements above, you may enroll in the Weekly Forum below for just $38.95/mo:

>>>>> http://bit.ly/mm-weekly-forum

See you there!


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The GUIDED Mindset Mastery Program

ANNOUNCING! The “GUIDED” Mindset Mastery Class 

No more “going it alone”!

I love the Mindset Mastery Program. It’s been around for nearly 10 years and we’ve seen hundreds of students experience it’s powerful process.

But previously, the only two options for completing the Mindset Mastery program was 1) regular online, or 2) premium shipped (with my assistance at the midterm). In both cases, it was primarily a self-directed course, with optional interaction with fellow participants in our private Facebook group and discussion forum.


While some people are naturally motivated to push themselves through the lessons and challenging assignments to graduate with Honors, others have more difficulty staying on track. 

Sometimes participants get to one of the more challenging lesson assignments and then pause, digest, prepare to tackle, and then wrestle with it… ultimately overthinking how they should proceed, and they get stuck. Paralyzed. And too embarrassed to admit it and reach out to the community for support.

While there is no deadline for completing it in these two formats (one of our graduates took 4 years to complete it), and while the online community is always available to help a person get over the hurdles, sometimes people think they are the only one struggling, or that they should be able to figure it out on their own, or they doubt anyone in the group would understand why they’re stuck, and actually know how to help.

The good news is that the Mindset Mastery program is rooted in principles which are accessible to everyone, no matter what their background, experience, or skill level. It meets each person where he or she is at, and helps them level up and increase their confidence in achieving goals with Rare Faith.

The bad news is that so far, we’ve only made the program available to those with one learning style.

That’s why it’s time to create a THIRD enrollment option:

The GUIDED Mindset Mastery Class

This new 14-week course is a hands-on, structured, group-paced course, patterned after a tremendously effective program format, where you meet for one hour each week online with your Expert Guide and eleven other class members, as you go through the program step-by-step, week by week, together.

You’ll be guided through ALL of the 24 Mindset Mastery lessons online, with a proven system for holding you accountable, and keeping you on track for graduation.

For a FULL Program Description including outline, click here


When does it start?

Session 03 begins June 26, 2019: (closed)

    • There will have a mandatory Tech Check on Wednesday, June 26th at 8:00 pm Pacific (PT).
    • The remaining 13 sessions will be held Wednesdays (July 3 – Sept 25) from 6-7 pm Pacific (PT).

Session 04 begins Sept 25, 2019:

    • There will have a mandatory Tech Check on Wednesday, Sept 25th at 8:00 pm Pacific (PT).
    • The remaining 13 sessions will be held Wednesdays (Oct 2 – Dec 26*) from 6-7 pm Pacific (PT). 

*The last call for Session 04 will be held on Thursday instead of Wednesday due to the Christmas holiday.

How much does it cost?

One semester takes you through the entire class. Cost is $497.

What do I get? 

When you enroll in the Guided Mindset Mastery Program, you’ll get all the same materials that come with the online version of the Mindset Mastery program, a knowledgable expert guiding the class through each challenge and fielding questions along the way, and an accountability system for keeping you on schedule and progressing toward successful graduation.

You’ll experience the powerful life-changing journey in a small group of 12 like-minded students, who are experiencing the same process with you from week to week. You’ll enjoy ongoing support, so you can more easily make progress at a steady pace through every single one of the mind-expanding units, from start to finish.

Who is this for?

The Mindset Mastery program is for anyone who wants to gain practice and confidence in applying that “Rare kind of Faith” that causes things to happen. This is accomplished as a scientific experiment, of sorts, in two phases:

Phase 1 – You use the principles to experience success with an INCONSEQUENTIAL goal, in which the outcome is beyond your natural control.

Phase 2 – You use the principles to experience success with a MEANINGFUL goal, in which the outcome is beyond your natural control, by:

  1. Identifying a long-term, life’s purpose goal.
  2. Identifying a shorter-term goal that is difficult, meaningful, or important.
  3. Identifying and accomplishing a bite-sized piece of the shorter-term goal, which is beyond your natural control, to which you apply the principles, with success.

Through this proven process, you’ll experience the success pattern for yourself, and teach your brain a skill that you will be able to repeat again and again for making steady progress toward the achievement of ALL your goals, throughout your life.

Not just for newbies!

This class is not only a fresh start for NEW enrollees, but it also provides a fresh start for existing participants who got stuck along the way, or for veteran graduates who want to experience the process at a whole new level, and who want to enjoy fresh, new success.

There will also be an opportunity to learn how YOU can potentially facilitate future classes for a home-based income.

Registration is open now! Seating limited to 12 participants.

Click here to register for the GUIDED class

Can’t join the Guided Class? Here are some other options:



What’s the difference between GBC and SGR?

Genius Bootcamp… Science of Getting Rich. What’s the difference?

Great question! I’m glad you asked.

Short Answer:

The Science of Getting Rich focuses on a study of the effect your thoughts have on the elements around you. Genius Bootcamp focuses on working through your internal blocks so you can experience the breakthroughs you’re looking for. In other words…

  • Science of Getting Rich – a study of the factors outside of you.
  • Genius Bootcamp – a study of the factors inside of you.

Long Answer:

Let me share a little bit of history.

In 2000, I trained with Bob Proctor to facilitate his Science of Getting Rich program, which was based on the timeless 100+ year-old classic of the same name by Wallace D. Wattles.

But let me back up a little further.

When I first heard about his Science of Getting Rich (SGR) program nearly two decades ago, it came with a price tag of $2000 per person. And since we had experienced remarkable results from applying what we learned from him at just a $180 workshop, I couldn’t wait to discover what he had to share in a $2000 seminar.

But we couldn’t yet afford a $2000 dollar seminar, so we just stayed busy working the principles and building our savings.

Six months later, we received a letter from Bob, asking if we were interested in teaching what we had learned. So instead of paying $2000 to attend as a participant, I just decided to go after it, and pay $9000 to become one of his program facilitators. After all, that’s just about how much we had in savings by then. (How did he know? lol)

And that began my journey.

After conducting a number of SGR seminars in California and Arizona, I decided it wasn’t my season to actively put on events. I had five young children at home, and one on the way, and needed to find a better way to share what we had learned, but from home.

That’s when the Science of Getting Rich (home) Study program was born.

Over time, my husband and I continued to learn and grow by attending a variety of other seminars from other teachers. Each helped us experience important shifts that needed to happen in our mindset, as individuals and as a couple.

Enter the Recession, stage left.

But by 2007, life began taking us through a series of gut-wrenching challenges; and as we worked to face and overcome each one, I continued to take notes to capture the principles that calmed me down and helped me get through the worst of it.

Through those roughest years, although my business was growing rapidly, our real estate investments were still tanking hard.

We had never been so tested: having to use the principles of right thinking while the life we had built was literally falling apart.

Nothing changes you the way disaster can, and nothing can give you more powerful insight than facing your disaster with a belt full of tools and knowledge. It doesn’t make it easy, it just makes it possible to eventually realize the blessings contained in the adversity.

After years of fighting the fear, worry, and feelings of devastation, we were finally able to prove once again the validity of the principles with a long list of NEW epiphanies, which I felt compelled to share in Portal to Genius.

While my prequel (Jackrabbit Factor) focuses on helping you believe that anything is possible with a shift in thinking (integrating 16 points to ponder), it’s sequel (Portal to Genius) focuses on what it means and what to do when you set a goal and everything goes wrong, (providing 89 more principles not included in the first book).

Out of all these experiences came a pressing need to provide a new kind of event, something of my own creation, where participants can learn and practice some of the most key principles from Portal to Genius. It combines in one place (and in one weekend) some of the most life-changing epiphanies we experienced after having learned the principles from the Science of Getting Rich Seminar so long before.

So that’s Genius Bootcamp.

And, remember when I said it wasn’t my season to teach The Science of Getting Rich? Well, that was over ten years ago, and it feels like it’s finally time to bring it back. The season has come.

I had stopped holding events to regain my bearings after the recession, and to make sure I was clear in my own understanding of the principles. But now I am thrilled anew to take the message boldly and rapidly to as many people as I can.

Note: The Science of Getting Rich Study is not the same as what it was when I was facilitating Bob’s class. While the text we study will be the same, I am excited to invite you to study it from the perspective of your (and our) experimentation with it.

To sum up:

The Science of Getting Rich Study is an academic, cerebral look at why things happen the way they do. It explores the “thinking stuff” out of which all things are created, and how that thinking stuff responds to our thoughts. While the public-domain text we study is the same as the text studied in Bob Proctor’s classic seminar, you’ll pick it apart in the context of your own experiences.  Click here to buy now

(Note: the Science of Getting Rich text is so old you can find it anywhere for free, including here on my blog. But if you want to join me as I dissect it section by section in the context of personal experience, get the 8-week study!)

Genius Bootcamp is a playful, experiential study of the principles. You’ll work your brain hard, and see the effects of your thinking in that “certain way”. You don’t just learn about the principles, you’ll test them in class. Click here to sign up




Keep Calm and Watch What Happens

On Saturday, September 15, 2018 I taught a class called “Keep Calm and Watch What Happens” at the Energy Healing Conference in St. George, UT.

I did a preview video of this class with the conference coordinator, Tammy Ward, who said this:

You know when you meet someone you REALLY look up to and have so much gratitude for them, their sacrifices, dedication and efforts because of how MASSIVELY it has changed your life?

Ya. This.

Meet Leslie.

Her story in inspiring.

It gave me hope when I was totally hopeless.


Before I started producing conferences, we were dead broke. I was depressed, desperate and hopeless.

Ahem. Totally supported me.

Her books helped me upgrade my thinking.

Her perseverance has made a massive difference to so many people, especially me.

I cannot recommend this class enough.

Thank you again Leslie for who you are, how you have shown up and your vulnerability. You’ve blessed my life and allowed me to show up and be me. (PLUS do more than just eat. Abundance is possible!)

If you think you know the law of attraction, think again.

So watch the video above, and then look for the audio recording of the class in my Podcast coming soon. (Expected to be posted in July 2019)