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Mindset Mastery PREMIUM Sale

This page redirects to The following copy below is currently not viewable:     The NEW and Improved Premium version is on sale (introductory rate) below: ______________________ Announcing! The NEW Mindset Mastery Premium program – now more effective than ever! With the growing reach of the Rare Faith message, we’ve found a solution for

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Weekly Forum

Hi everyone! This message is for everyone who has ever participated in the Mindset Mastery Program, OR who hope/plan to join soon. Some of our recent GUIDED Mindset Mastery students expressed how much our weekly video zoom meetings helped, and how much they wish the calls didn’t have to end. Our sudden spike in graduation

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Holiday Sale

Encore!!!  Want it shipped in time for Christmas?  Order by Saturday, December 15th. More great deals on selected books, CDs, and training programs – use promo code: ENCORE Click here to go shopping! (Limited quantities available. Details subject to change.) Holiday Sale ENCORE Items Qty as of 12/5 Regular price Sale price Discount % off As

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The GUIDED Mindset Mastery Program

ANNOUNCING! The “GUIDED” Mindset Mastery Class  No more “going it alone”! I love the Mindset Mastery Program. It’s been around for nearly 10 years and we’ve seen hundreds of students experience it’s powerful process. But previously, the only two options for completing the Mindset Mastery program was 1) regular online, or 2) premium shipped (with my

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What’s the difference between GBC and SGR?

Genius Bootcamp… Science of Getting Rich. What’s the difference? Great question! I’m glad you asked. Short Answer: The Science of Getting Rich focuses on a study of the effect your thoughts have on the elements around you. Genius Bootcamp focuses on working through your internal blocks so you can experience the breakthroughs you’re looking for. In other

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