Ever Set a Goal and Things Went BACKWARDS Instead?

Once in a while you find yourself in the right place at the right time. This could be one of those times…

To be honest, I believe this post will only be read by those who are finally ready to benefit – this time – from what I’m about to say…

(That’s just the way these things usually work.)

The rest of my readers won’t have time to read it, or it will get filed away and never seen, or it won’t reach them at all, or they’ll get this far and change pages before reading any further.

But not you, so keep reading and you’ll thank yourself later.

You’re invited to an event in YOUR TOWN, where you’ll be able to hear me teach you how to prosper by working with the 7 Universal Laws of Success.

I’ll cover 8 different modules of power-packed information, which will give you answers to questions like these:

  • “What should I do if everything begins to fall apart when I start applying the principles?”
  • “How long will I have to wait for things to turn around?”
  • “Where will I find the solution to the problem I face right now?”
  • “How can my disaster be a blessing in disguise, and how can I benefit from it now?”
  • “How can I successfully apply the principles when I live or work around negative people?”

You’ll be able to gain the knowledge you need to have peace of mind and a refreshed hope and enthusiasm for life now, and in the future!

My various events have cost participants $500-$12,000 per person, plus hundreds of dollars in travel expenses, taking that figure even higher.

But my mission is to make THIS 8-module information as affordable and as convenient as possible.

What if you could experience this event for less than $200?

Keep reading…

What if you could experience the epiphanies without hiring a babysitter?

What if there were NO travel expenses whatsoever?

Don’t you think this information could help you recoup $200?

Thousands of people have used this knowledge to obtain FORTUNES.

You could recoup your investment, and go forward with a new arsenal of success secrets that will help you overcome any obstacle… and achieve any dream.

Event: “Working with the 7 Laws of Success”
Date: Friday
Time: After work, or at your convenience
Location: In YOUR home or car
Cost: $129 for the 8-module audio training

So if you listen once, you’re getting world-class mentoring for just $12.25/hour. If you listen four times, you’ll get something NEW out of it each time…

(that’s just the way these things are)

…and it reduces my coaching to less than $3/hour.

There are people who have LOST COUNT of how many times they’ve listened to these audios, reducing the cost per hour to just PENNIES.

People have left their jobs because of this information. Was it worth it?

Get the program today for just $129 here

OR, for the next TWO days only, if you want to get the whole 8-module audio access for FREE, purchase the complete Mindset Mastery 12-week Course at


…and we’ll throw in the 8-module audio set as our gift!*

To your success!

Leslie Householder

*NOTE: To receive the 8-module audio set FREE, purchase the Mindset Mastery Guided version of the program and reply to your order confirmation email with:

“Send my free W7L audio mp3 gift, please!”

I’m sorry, this offer is not valid for Mindset Mastery self-paced enrollments.

Leslie Householder

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