Come with me to a Healthy Eating Retreat!

If your thoughts affect your circumstances, and if your food can affect your thoughts (which it does, in a BIG WAY!), then let’s get down to the root cause of some of our biggest struggles.

I have a Mother’s Day present just for you!

I will be attending the Simply Divine Eating Retreat May 5-7 at Bear Lake, UT and wanted to invite you to join me. I love the Simply Divine Eating approach because I knew I could be eating better but there is SO MUCH contradiction in the world of “health” nowadays.

simply divine eating logoAngie Christensen introduced me to her Simply Diving Eating approach, and for once in my life I was finally able to get my head around 4 simple principles by which I could judge any food, fad, or fallacy. After only a few days of testing the principles for myself, my body stopped hurting (I had been physically uncomfortable for so long that I didn’t even know I was in pain – until I experienced what it felt like to be without it). I had more energy, more enthusiasm for life, and more stamina.

It was truly miraculous, and SO VERY SIMPLE.

So when I heard Angie was hosting a Simply Divine Eating retreat, where I could learn even more, experience a variety of foods that fit the 4 principles, and learn how to make them myself (hands on practice with the expert!), I was pretty excited. I signed up my daughter and myself… and then thought how much fun it would be to attend with some of my readers as well.

Simply Divine Eating offers a way to get past all the debates and diets and become the expert on your own body

At the retreat we will be relaxing with meditation and yoga, making new friends, and learning how to cook family-favorite foods in a way that supports our health. You will get hands on classes in making healthy versions of Cafe Rio, a fancy date night dinner, natural yeast bread, pizza, pies, ice cream, s’mores, fermented (probiotic) food, pancakes, waffles, frittatas, deboning a whole chicken and making bone broth, and so much more! You will go home confident in the kitchen and ready to boost your family’s health.

Angie’s even set aside a little time for me to share some of my expertise on the laws of success and principles of prosperity with the participants on our last evening together.

It is a gift that will pay off for a lifetime!

So join me at the retreat for 3 days of gourmet food, cooking classes, yoga, and more, PLUS get $900 in resources through the Simply Divine Eating Online Community, all together valued at over $1700.

I hope to see you there!

And don’t worry – it’s not as expensive as you may think, so…

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