Weekly Forum (Monthly Membership)

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Exclusively for participants and alumni of the following Rare Faith Programs:

Mindset Mastery, Genius Bootcamp, Activating Unseen Help, Achieving the Impossible, and Miracles Made Simple

Make the principles habitual, instinctive, intuitive, and subconscious. Cancel any time. Get two months free when you choose the Annual subscription option.

Occasional guest presenters on various topics included.

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Gain hope as we show you small steps that can yield big results.

Possibility Promise Video series – case studies spotlighting true stories of student successes, and how they were achieved to help inspire and motivate you.

Mindset Quotient Test Full Analyses to help you discover your strengths, and reveal the blind spots that can keep you from experiencing the best possible outcomes in your goal achievement efforts. (Reg $97 per test)

Weekly Forum expert-led discussion with new tips every week to help you crush your goals and integrate the principles into your daily routine for greater success in all areas of your life.

Affiliate Membership Opportunity to earn commissions by sharing our free resources!

Discussion Archives to elevate your thinking and experience better results in your own life. More than 100 discussions with a searchable index coming soon!

Sample Topics:

  • The Importance of Vision – Starting with the basics to create your dreams.
  • Stake Your Claim – Being decisive so that Unseen Forces know how to help you.
  • Selecting Bite-Sized Pieces of Short Term Goals – Turning your vision into a plan.
  • Resistance As A Guide – Using your fear as fuel.
  • Rejecting Negative Thoughts without Resisting Them.
  • Cleaning Up What’s Holding You Back.
  • When and When Not to Use Rare Faith – Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
  • Pacing Yourself – How to challenge yourself while honoring your life seasons.
  • Fear of the Future is Rooted in the Past – Letting go so that you can create.
  • Avoiding Burnout – Creating balance between action and rest.
  • Getting on the Same Page with Your Partner – Co-Creating in unity
  • Feelings Are A Byproduct & They Can Be Intentionally Created – Finding the freedom in choosing your emotion.
  • Who Decides I’m Ready? Me or God? – Finding peace when asking and receiving don’t line up.
  • Adversity as the Seed of Equal or Greater Benefit – How to think about challenges in a way that creates a vibration of Rare Faith.
  • I Can’t > I Don’t Know > How Could I? – Simple shifts to go from stuck to strategized.
  • Inspired Action: What It Is and Isn’t


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