I need help!

RARE FAITH – remember these words – RARE FAITH…

…Because things are changing at ThoughtsAlive (my company), and in a BIG way. Don’t get lost or confused as I RETIRE the name [47tips]. Future newsletters will use the name Rare Faith instead.

But I need your help!

Before the transition is complete, I need to merge my old Facebook page with the new “A Rare Kind of Faith” page. However, the NEW one needs to have MORE likes than the OLD one (because the merge only keeps the page with the most likes).

I’m not going to tell you where the old one is, because I don’t want anyone accidentally liking the wrong one, and setting me back 🙂

Basically, at the time I wrote this post, I needed a few hundred more likes at the new page. But let’s pause for a moment and watch one of my favorite videos. This is my little gift to you 😉

So will you please go LIKE my new Facebook Page: A Rare Kind of Faith?

You can also click to like it from right here on this page, just find the LIKE button under the “Follow us on Facebook” section of the sidebar.

Going forward, that is the ONLY page I plan to manage for ALL things related to the success principles, my books, events, specials, GIVEAWAYS, etc.

I appreciate your Facebook Philanthropy… because together, we can LIKE the world. 😉 #StudioC


Leslie Householder

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