Next step? Too many choices?

Let’s talk about choices, but first – a quick trip down memory lane.

In 2000, my husband and I tripled our income after seven years of drowning financially, by simply making a shift in the way we were thinking. The change was so profound, and (in hindsight) so simple, it became my life’s passion to help others experience similar breakthroughs for themselves.

So I started teaching classes, but being in the thick of motherhood, putting classes together was particularly challenging, so I decided instead to make the difference I wanted to make through writing. That’s when my best-sellers Hidden Treasures and The Jackrabbit Factor were born. (Both available as free ebooks)

As my husband and I continued testing the principles through new setbacks and tougher challenges, the more there was to share, and in the decades that followed, we witnessed hundreds, even thousands of people’s lives changing for the better. I share their stories in my weekly newsletter, and every week there are new stories to share.

Sometimes our challenges and breakthroughs called for expanded explanations as to how the principles work, how or why they sometimes don’t work, and why you can depend on them when you get it just right.

Over the years, new classes and programs were developed to respond to the various concerns and challenges our students were facing. Where I once thought The Jackrabbit Factor could be the end-all answer to every “how to succeed” question, I’ve since learned that life is more complex than that, and people in different situations facing different kinds of challenges can be served better with more targeted educational prescriptions. I now have a team of facilitators (who started out as students themselves) who had breakthroughs of their own and now help us deliver the training.

So, we’ve developed three books, more than 800 articles, over 60 classes, and countless programs to respond to the variety of needs. People come from so many different experiences, it’s been important to modify the message just a little for each audience. Same principles applied in different situations and described with different analogies can make all the difference between a student hearing it, or missing it.

Over time, the programs that stood out in their effectiveness for the most students regardless of their come-from became our company’s core curriculum.

So, if you’ve wanted help but felt paralyzed by too many options, this post is for you.

Here is a summary of our BEST tools and programs that emerged from the evolution, and WHO they’re for:

And for our Author friends:

More to come!

We also have projects underway to help with:

  • CORPORATE development

It’s an exciting time to be part of our community, and we are grateful to have you along.

Keep sharing your stories, or let us know if you would like a free consultation to help you choose the right next step for you.

All the best!


Leslie Householder

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