Creator’s Retreat DEPOSIT (Total to complete your registration: $1997)


Geared to support anyone who needs to create content, e-books, social media posts, or any other work project.

Perfect for business owners and/or project teams who need some dedicated time together and a well-supported space for getting things done.

Open to anyone who wants to get away and enjoy 3.5 days of uninterrupted, distraction-free writing, planning, working, or relaxing.

This program is provided by Ann Ferguson from Joyful Heart Mentoring.

September 7-10, 2022 – Holmstead Ranch Resort near St. George, UT

  • Check in is 2pm Wednesday
  • Check out is 11 am Saturday



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If you want to get away and have the time and support you need to seriously focus on completing your projects, the right ideas flow more freely in a beautiful and quiet environment.  Focus is critical and best maintained when interruptions are at a minimum.

What might otherwise take months (or more!) can often be accomplished in just a few days when the conditions are right. If you’re someone who needs to set aside a special time and place to get things done, join us in Southern Utah at the Holmstead Ranch Resort for a 4-day writing retreat.

We will be providing food and a writing coach/editor to support anyone who would like the help. Includes lodging, food, and support.

  • Check in is 2pm Wednesday
  • Check out is 11 am Saturday



Shared accommodation, $1997
Private accommodation, $2497
Team accommodation (4 people registered together, sharing one cabin), $5997

Event provided by Ann Ferguson, owner of Joyful Heart Mentoring

Are you a business owner who needs to get together with your team in order to get things organized and rolling forward?  Come share a team cabin where you can get together to brainstorm, plan, organize and accomplish together what would take you 3-6 months if you’re meeting over zoom.

Are you a business owner who needs a little isolation so that you can get done what only you can do? At this retreat there will be scheduled blocks of quiet-time where everyone promises to stay silent and honor the creative process.

Are you an author or content creator who would like to get another set of eyes on your work to make sure your intention is clear and your work is heading in the direction you would love?  Meet with our onsite editor for clarity, guidance, and support.

Do you need to create a welcome video, a course video, or a training video?  We will have audio and video equipment, including a teleprompter available for you to use.

Do you need to get posts, articles, or newsletters prepared?  Come create 6 months of content in 4 days.  Free up your time and get ahead of your workflow so you can enjoy being present with your family.

Do you need a space to envision what you would love to create, and some guidance on how to brand your business or self? Let us show you how to attract the clients you would love to serve. Join us for the 2022 Creator’s retreat at the Holmstead Ranch in Central, UT.

Ask yourself:

Do you ever say, “No matter how much I try, I just can’t find enough time to sit down and create,” or “If everyone would just leave me alone. I could get things done.”?

Life happens, and when it does, if you’re like us, the things you need or intend to create get put on the back shelf. When creators finally get a chance to sit down and create, they can still experience distractions and/or blocks. You may need a little time to get into a zone for the flow to really start. And when it does, it feels so good! So much gets done in a very short period of time. The problem is, those moments of quiet, focused creation are not easy to find.

How does it sound to enjoy four days of distraction-free creation in a mountain setting with all the tools, quiet time, food, and inspiration you need?

Everyone who joins us will have access to:

  • A personal photographer who will update your headshot – 2 shots included in your event ticket

  • A branding specialist who can help tighten up your branding

  • Video equipment, including mics and a teleprompter for creating videos for websites and other promotional needs

  • A chef who will provide nutritional meals to keep your brain sharp while being mindful of your dietary restrictions or preferences

  • A yoga/Pilates instructor who will help you get centered and become intentional first thing in the morning – you will be able to stretch your body in preparation for stretching your creativity

  • Network with others who are creating your same type of content: authors with authors, bloggers with bloggers, podcasters with podcasters, course creators with course creators, etc. – brainstorm, problem solve, and glean wisdom with others who share your genre of creation

Come ready to create!



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April 13-16, 2022, June 22-25, 2022


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