Rare Faith – Where will the money come from?

Where will the money come from?

Hi Reader,

So, the Universe is abundant, huh? Full of opportunities for prosperity, is it? If that’s true, then…

Have you ever wondered where all the money is hiding?

The only thing keeping us from the money we need is our own resistance to creativity, a God-given attribute that often gets squelched in our childhood by well-meaning adults who needed us to conform for one reason or another. Conformity is imperative, IF what we conform to is Universal Law. The problem is, most of those well-meaning adults aren’t aware of the Universal Laws, so there may be some unlearning we have to do.

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Heavy, tricky, and seemingly immovable

Are you feeling fenced in, or trapped in an unbearable situation?

You might not be as stuck as you think. Read the following, from a Mindset Mastery program student who asked to remain anonymous:

“Last fall, we encountered a particularly disconcerting situation … and I, as Leslie puts it, ‘hit rock bottom.’ … I poured out my heart to my husband and to the Lord about these things that were heavy and tricky and seemingly immovable. Emotionally charged, I went into a frantic ‘I have to work to change this’ mode … basically being the raspberry seed in everyone’s wisdom tooth while chasing hard after the ‘how’ to fix the problem.

“Nothing I did moved the needle… I was up against impossible odds—the changes I craved could take a decade to implement…”

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Next step? Too many choices?

Over the years I’ve developed more than 60 classes and countless programs to respond to a variety of needs. The same principles applied in different situations and described with different analogies can make all the difference between a student hearing it, or missing it.

The classes that have been the most effective for students have become our company’s core curriculum. So if you’ve wanted help but felt paralyzed by too many options, this post is for you…

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“I … was exposed to Leslie and the Jackrabbit Factor a few years ago. But I had not really understood how to apply the laws until I did the inconsequential goal and the short term goal [in Mindset Mastery]. I found it was challenging to believe and hold the vision of truth – that abundance and what we seek is right there in front of us. I had to remind myself of that when I could not see how the goal could happen. But through applying the laws and remembering that God wants to bless us and is waiting to do so, I found that the goals were achievable. This was a good experience in learning to trust, and see miracles large and small happen regularly.” – Julie Obenchain


Achieving the Impossible course has been really amazing. I’ve learned and applied these laws and principles before, but the weekly reading and meetings take the understanding and application of them to a whole new … level.” – Ilija V.


Hidden Treasures has changed my life and the life of my family. It opened our minds to how much Heavenly Father works in our daily lives.” Caroline Riley


“[T]hank you sooooo much for allowing me to be in the ‘Achieving the Impossible‘ class! … I am learning so much … ! This homework from week 4 was especially powerful for me!” Christy L.


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PODCAST: Success through Failing (35:22)

Wendy explained, “I had a toxic relationship with money for over three decades… Every time I even thought about money, it would bring extreme anxiety… Even as I started my entrepreneurial journey, I kept plateauing in my business. But then … I reshaped my mindset around money … And you know what? I started doubling my income every year.”

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