Joyful Heart Mastery

When you’ve been doing all the thought- and manual-work and your dreams still aren’t actualizing, it may be because you’re missing the heart piece. Walk with a mentor for 12 weeks and be assisted in integrating your heart into this work, and watch your life transform.

This course is provided by our partner, Joyful Heart Mentoring by Ann Ferguson.

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Leslie’s comments about this program:

“I’ve taken a very cerebral approach to the laws of thought. They needed to make sense to me. I needed to understand these concepts logically. I needed to depend on methods and formulas. I come from a mathematics background, but before mathematics I was very empathic. I was very heart driven. And that kind of died in those 7 years of suffering that we experienced. I got very mechanical.  I got very cerebral. I had to turn off the heart a little bit just to survive.

“However, this can’t be a head-only work. You can think and grow rich, yes. Thinking is necessary, but the only way it works consistently is to connect it to the heart. The only way it works is to think it AND feel it.

“What my friend Ann Ferguson has been led to create in Joyful Heart Mentoring, is a whole world of training and tools that wake up that heart piece. Her work helps connect the head to the heart so that it’s not just a momentary thing to plant the seed, but that you live with that heart connection always.

“And when the heart is activated, this work just flies. 

“What I can see is that God wants us to have the whole picture, so that it’s not just something we do to ‘get the thing’.  Instead, it’s a way we live, so we can always be supported, so we can always have what we need, so we can always be doing what we were put here to do, and so we can carry out His work without fear. 

“It’s – joy – that keeps you connected to that flow. That’s the magic, that’s the key. With my work, my materials and training such as Mindset Mastery, everything works, that’s true. But if you want it to become a part of your life, you’ve got to connect it with the heart. That’s what you will find in Joyful Heart Mastery. That’s why we are partnering together. That’s why we’ve combined forces, to not only to give you what I’ve created, but to bring Ann’s angle on it, so that you are doing this work with the heart activated. If it is, your dreams will be fulfilled so much more easily. I recommend you take Joyful Heart Mastery as part of your journey with Rare Faith. 

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