Are You Making it Harder Than it Has to Be?

When making a phone call, if you dial the numbers right, it works. Children who have never used a phone often have trouble making it work right for a while, just as we can have trouble making the laws of success work to achieve our goals.

It takes practice!

When a goal doesn’t happen the way you expected, it’s easy to get discouraged. That IS the COMMON thing to do. The uncommon thing to do is brush yourself off and ask the hard question:

“Where did I go wrong? What more do I need to know? In what way am I making this harder than it has to be?”

Most people ask those questions, rhetorically, but not with a real intent of finding answers. And in fact, sometimes they don’t WANT the answer, because it’s just easier to say, “That law of attraction thing doesn’t work.” Truly, it’s easier to blame our failure on things outside of ourselves.

On the other hand, other people ask hard questions with a firm intent to find the answers. They seek for answers, even if it means they have to admit that there may be more to learn. It may be an uncommon response, but uncommon people get uncommon results. Uncommon people enjoy an uncommon lifestyle. If they ask hard questions and find answers, then next time they pursue a goal, they can apply new understanding, and get better results.

Or not…

Here’s why: For me, this question / answer / new attempt process happened HUNDREDS of times before I actually saw it really work even ONCE. I know hundreds of ways it DOESN’T work. Each failed attempt showed me something else that I needed to tweak about my approach.

Think about it… The first time a kindergartner tries to use the telephone, chances are good that s/he will dial the number wrong. When that happens, it would be foolish to say, “This phone doesn’t work!” The PHONE works fine. The user just needs to be extra careful to dial ALL the right numbers, in the right order, with no extra numbers inserted along the way.

The laws of success work FINE. You’ve just got to be careful to dial ALL the right numbers in the right order, and not insert any extra ones along the way. When you do it right, it unfailingly works the way it should.

And the good news is that when you see it work once, you gain confidence, and eventually realize that it can work for you EVERY time. In fact, it can become second-nature, just like using the phone. Then, after experiencing some success, you discover that it can even be easier than THAT… like discovering the redial button.

But I have some BAD NEWS…

The one element that does NOT go away, no matter how slick you are, or how smart you get, is the TEST to exercise faith when all appearances indicate impending disaster. Yes, no matter how good you get at the process, and no matter how much money you make, you’ll always get plenty of opportunity to exercise faith, make sacrifices, and stretch yourself OUT of the comfort zone to accomplish the next goal.

You just get to a point where you learn to accept the difficult nature of the process. Sorry to burst your bubble.

The knowledge I share here does not avert the challenges, it just gives you the power to overcome them when they show up… the power of subconscious goal achievement in spite of difficulty… the power to have PEACE of MIND through the process.

And yes, you CAN HAVE your victory. You can have the MONEY you need. You can find the job, or succeed in business… You can have the FREEDOM you seek!

Just try again, and learn from your mistakes. That’s how you win.

Find out what else you may need to know, so that you can achieve that oh-so-elusive goal. I want to help. Read the Jackrabbit Factor story free, so I can reveal the common mistakes people make trying to use the law of attraction; or if you’re ready for more advanced answers, start the Mindset Mastery Program.

You can succeed!

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  1. Mahalo Leslie. I so appreciate your persistence and consistency in putting out messages that are timely and needed.

    Loved your point about question/answer/new attempt process. I had a great college professor who taught that we too often look for right answers when we should start by making sure we’re asking good questions.

  2. Thanks for this reminder, Leslie! If you remember what I wrote when I responded to your question “Where do you see yourself in five years?” you might realize that my answer to this question, and setting the goals to be at Mentor Training and your Profitable Author seminars are really about the only “goal statements” I have ever written. I realize that the first one is still evolving and my part of “moving my feet” is continuing before that goal is to be realized. I truly hope I am not making it harder than it has to be! We’ll find out… I have not written a goal about having a certain amount of money available for short-term, surprise parties. Perhaps I need to examine my life and realize the need for this, so I will feel the feelings I need to feel when I write one. Thank you for this newsletter. You always bring up the “core” of the problem for us to think about.

  3. My husband is out of work (again), I am getting back into the Law of Attraction and needed this so much. I want to stay positive, keep moving and get this figured out. I will win.

  4. Thanks for sharing your experiences with such honesty, Leslie.

    Michelle, I was SO delighted to read your response and how it worked out for you, because I have had exactly the opposite experience. For me the law of attraction has not worked yet – and I know it is my own fault. At this stage, after having worked 18-hour days for the past 6 weeks at my normal job, I am simply too tired to see my way out. Fortunately, I KNOW there is a way out, and that I should learn from my mistakes – if only I knew what the mistakes were… I only know what I tried did not work, but I don’t know what was wrong with my approach.

    However, thanks to the teachings of Leslie and other people like her, I know that I WILL eventually break through the barrier and soar into the success I dream about. Keep up the wonderful work, Leslie, we appreciate you.

  5. Thank you Leslie for sharing your infinite knowledge with the world! I came across your site from Kirk Duncan and I am just sooooo grateful for the knowledge God is putting into our lives. My husband and I have read many books and attended many seminars but nothing has been as impactful and useful as what we have recently learned from 3 key elements and YOU! This world needs direction so badly, thank you for stepping up and doing what so many only dream about (and teaching me how to do the same 🙂 May God continue to bless your efforts!!

  6. Your book came to me through a series of miraculous happenings. I know WHY it did. First: I was ready to learn why my dreams were possible.
    Second: I knew what I wanted to do (be an author)
    Third: Once I made the decision to write, things flowed and I was no longer tied to a job I was grateful for, but did not like.
    Honestly, my goal to publish 12 books in 12 months was met with skepticism. It did not stop me. Okay, so I didn’t know HOW I was going to be able to do it, but I knew anything was possible. I KNEW it!
    Over the course of this last year, opportunity mingled with challenges, but a few days ago (insert happy tears) I reached this goal! The journey was peppered with obstacles, but doors I had no idea existed flew open and opportunities abounded. Thank you for being brave, inspired, and willing to put yourself out on a limb so others can reach higher ground. There is more ground to cover: Such as how to use the social media to our advantage, etc. What helps is that we KNOW the right people will enter our lives at the right time and we will move forward AND upward!

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. I have always been top of my game in most every sales company. I am not right now and honestly I am at my lowest in 15 years. I know who I have been as a top executive of the company. I know what I am capable of. I don’t care about being above anyone, just brining in an income that brings ease to our family finances, allows me to take our son back to his mission in Italy, and assist the humanitarian efforts my brother is heading up in Mali. All my desires feel of good report and praiseworthy. I am not sure exactly why the numbers I am dialing are not making any calls. What I know intuitively is that it is time to brand myself, not “sell” someone else’s products or ideas, engage in social media and use affiliate programs to reach the income I need. Well, that’s what I know, but there feels like so many numbers I still don’t know I so humbly admit.

      Anyway, here’s my take away and what I know works. The principles Leslie teaches–these are core principles. These are similar to the great Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, The Science of Getting Rich, –Jesus Christ.

      What I feel guided to do is to spend time DAILY in Leslie’s version of these principles. They are giving me the PEACE during the process of success. I feel right now my faith is being tried and the “new way” of marketing is quite unfamiliar. I am so grateful for the anchor Leslies’ principles give me. They ground me and let me keep moving when I cannot yet see the financial benefit of my efforts.

      A lot said. Hope this helps someone.

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