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When Things Look Bleak

I had set some lofty goals, and as the target date was approaching, things appeared to be bleak, like the feeling in this photo above. It took all my energy to continually push aside doubtful thoughts that the changes I wanted to realize were still possible for me.

For days I was plagued with questions:

“What if it doesn’t work out?”
“What if I miss my goals?”
“What will I do if the resources I need don’t come through?”
Each time an anxious thought came into my head, I rejected it. But just rejecting it wasn’t enough to leave me with burning faith, either.

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park bench couple

Nix the Scorekeeping

If you’re married and working toward a goal, sometimes living the principles can be especially challenging because deep down you have certain expectations of

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The THOUGHTS That Count

If we could conduct a scientific experiment with all the variables perfectly controlled where two people with the same upbringing, experiences, DNA, and everything

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