Holding the right environment for idea seeds

By Elise Adams

I have a fruit basket in my kitchen. It stays on the counter. Sometimes it is full of beautiful apples, oranges, bananas, and other colorful fruits. I have noticed there is a window in which a piece of fruit is of optimal quality. For instance, if I buy some avocados and they are very hard, I don’t want to use them in a meal for my family! They won’t taste very good. If I wait a few days they will sweeten and soften, eventually being ‘just right’ to accompany some tacos, a yummy sandwich or salad. If I wait too long to use them I will be disappointed to find they are mushy, brown and too yucky to eat. Bananas are similar! If you eat them too ‘early’ they are hard and bitter. If you wait until they are too ripe and brown, they don’t taste very good plain and you are better off mashing them up and adding them to a smoothie or bread recipe.

The avocado and banana are some very basic examples of The Law of Perpetual Transmutation in action. See why I led off with something relatable like the life of a piece of fruit? This law, as powerful as it is, has a somewhat confusing name. So let’s break it down shall we?

Definitions for perpetual include: continuing forever: everlasting; occurring continually; indefinitely. Transmutation means ‘the action of changing’. If we break it down then The Law of Perpetual Transmutation is the everlasting action of changing! In other words, everything is either coming into physical form or going out of it. Nothing stays the same. Ideas, prosperity, human life, ALL life, continues forever, indefinitely in the action of coming into life, or out of it.

Let’s go back to the fruit on my kitchen counter. From the time of it’s conception, as a seed, it was coming to life. If that seed hadn’t been in an optimal environment, (buried in soil with water and access to the rays of sunshine) it would have been going out of life, or dying. Because we are all familiar with the physical form of seeds growing to plants and producing fruit, this concept makes sense. But, what if we consider this Law in relation to our own ‘seeds’ of thought? Our ideas, hopes and dreams? Or fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs? How can we take the knowledge of this Law and really use it to our benefit?

Everything, EVERYTHING is either coming or going. If we are giving our idea ‘seeds’ the right environment to grow, then they are, in fact growing! When we take a good idea seed; a family vacation or living in financial abundance and spend time nurturing it, it will BY LAW come to fruition. OR if we entertain thoughts of accident, misfortune, and sadness then (see the pattern here?) those things will BY LAW happen! Whether we realize it or not we are in control of the environment of our mind that will, with or without our knowledge, nourish the ideas in our minds.

That information might bring you great joy! It simultaneously may induce feelings of dread and regret. The wonderful part of it all is that – we can choose! We can choose to believe in and focus our thoughts on ideas of prosperity and abundance! Nurture the dreams, hopes and ideas of our hearts desires, or not. Focus on the correct environment for our minds, or not.

Next time your thoughts turn to fear or doubt – drop kick those OUT of your mind! Instead, invite ideas of increase, joy and prosperity, focus on them long enough, with belief, and they will eventually grow from that seed, to physical form in your own life!


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