Always Changing by Law

By Dawn Norton

Life is never static. It can’t be. Because everything in the world is in a state of change. It is either coming into form or going out of form. From the day we arrive on Earth, our bodies are both being created into something new and deteriorating away from existence. 

There are somewhere around 37 trillion cells in our bodies and at any time 810,000 cells per second are being replaced. Depending on the particular part of the body, we are constantly being renewed from seconds to days to months. When we consider the constant regeneration of ourselves on the cellular level, we ponder the miracle that our bodies and health are.

And yet, all of nature is similar. Flowers bloom and fade. Acorns sprout and reach for the sky and eventually mature and die. From other biological organisms to the Earth itself, there is expiration and renewal happening everywhere. This is how the Law of Perpetual Transmutation works. 

Some of the degenerative processes that exist, even contribute to the regeneration of other organisms and species. The simplest of these is one creature receiving nutrition for itself from another creature. Even so, after leaves, plants,  and other grasses die and go back to the earth, new plants and trees and seeds spring to life. It’s all a great creative circle. 

Our very thoughts and creative inclinations come into and out of form. By changing our thoughts into pictures, holding them with faith and gratitude, we can bring real objects into our presence. Wallace Wattles said, “There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the Universe. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.”

Every idea constructed in this way, with action added, can create our dreams and visions into reality. When we have experienced those dreams and visions, they will continue being created as we nurture them. As we move on to other ideas and desires, those old dreams can just as easily fade away and back out of our consciousness and experience. 

If we don’t understand this law and process, we can get the mistaken impression that our creation is not being brought to us. If we give up on the process too soon, that which is in motion will stop its progression toward us, and we will never know the power we had in the creation. It is by sustained efforts, understanding the nature of change and how it is in constant flow toward or away from us, that we can truly bring about the creation of anything we can think of.

Having just turned 53 and looking back on more than 30 years of mothering, I can see how this even applies to stages of life. When I first married, I knew there would be children coming. And they came one by one, all seven of them. For 15 years we were in the process of family creating. As our last child came, we moved into a space of growing the family up. Those years went by with a whirlwind of activities and each child moving out to their own adventures and creations as they turned 18. Now, we have two children left at home. Another is about to move out. We will be left with one lone daughter. Within a couple of years, she will also be gone, and our time of creating a family will be over. Of course, it will continue to grow, now with grandchildren, and more that will come, and eventually great-grandchildren. But our time as parents, with children in our home, will be over. We will have gone through a cycle. We are moving into a new stage, with new experiences and adventures. We welcome new things and say goodbye to old things.

The Law of Transmutation applies to everything. From life, to thoughts, to stages of life. People, things, thoughts, all moving into and out of form.


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