I couldn’t say it out loud

By Elise Adams

“The choice a person makes in the face of terror literally determines their future.”
Leslie Householder, Mindset Mastery pg 363

Have you ever felt terrified? I’m sure we all have felt frightened or scared a time or two. Going into an unfinished basement at night. Waking up in an unfamiliar place and momentarily not knowing where you are. Uncertainty for the future of a loved one’s health, or that of your own. We have all felt those feelings….but have you ever felt TERROR?? The kind that can paralyze? I have! (I bet you have too!)

Terror seems to be an entirely different situation altogether! “….terror implies the most extreme degree of fear”. I believe a feeling that strong has the potential to actually stop us from progressing. Stop us from doing anything, helpful or not. “A natural formation or structure that prevents or hinders movement or action” is a barrier. A terror barrier is powerful! Powerfully limiting or powerfully energizing! We get to decide which one we choose.

I can almost hear you thinking, “What? Elise, that is NOT true. When I feel terror, I do not choose. I can barely control anything! I am usually just grateful when I come out of the experience alive!” Well my friend. I am here to tell you otherwise. I am here to give you PROOF that even the weakest of us all, CAN and DOES have the control to USE THAT power to BLAST through the terror barrier.

During the Guided Mindset Mastery course I encountered a terror barrier. Was it my first? Nah. I don’t think so. But it was the first time I understood what was happening and with that knowledge was able to successfully navigate. “Knowledge is half the battle!”*

I had written out my goal statement. I had even had it approved by a mentor! I was going to say that statement 10 times a day! I knew that statement was powerful. I had set a goal to be successful in the course and I knew if I followed the guidelines I would be just that!

I just had to say it.
Just say it.
Go on Elise….SAY IT.
I mean, I could say it, right?
Yes. NO! It wouldn’t come out!
I read it silently…no problem!
I just couldn’t….quite…say it…out…loud.
WHAT was happening?!?!
WHAT was the problem?!?!
WHY couldn’t I SAY the statement OUT LOUD?
Dang. I had a problem. I had hit a very real terror barrier.

I had gone THREE days telling myself to JUST SAY IT OUT LOUD! Nope. Nada. Couldn’t do it. I was paralyzed. Stuck. Stopped. My mind was quick sand. Finally I decided I was not going to go to bed until I said that statement out loud. ALL day long that day I thought about it. Knowing I had to do it. Also knowing I could not.

When evening came (I STILL had not said the statement out loud) while preparing for bed, I chatted with my husband. I told him all about this weird block I was experiencing. I even blamed it on him!! I was so upset! I sat on the edge of my bed wanting to just forget it all! But I had made a commitment to myself. I huffed and grunted and finally left my bedroom in a very angry mood. I went to the front room of our home. I sat down. I stared at that paper. And forced my mouth to open. Forced myself to say the first few words. And then…I cried. I was shocked! What crazy force of nature caused me to openly sob like a broken soul just by reading these words out loud? I kept reading the words while simultaneously crying. I made myself keep saying it. Something was happening. I didn’t exactly know what, but something powerful was happening!

I immediately started saying the goal statement again. Out loud. Still crying. I continued doing this until the tears and sobs subsided. I was able to say it without crying. Then, emotionally exhausted, I went to bed.

The following day I said the words of my goal statement out loud without any problem. I even felt a giggle pop out once or twice because I was already so happy and grateful for the blessing of that statement being true!

Why would I expose this crazy little story from my past? So that you too, my friend, will have the power to blast through that terror barrier. Can’t make the phone call? Not sure what to say in your message or text? Haven’t the foggiest idea why you feel the tug to go a certain place? Or talk to a certain person? Can’t say the words of that goal out loud?

YES. Yes, you can. I believe in you. Now YOU believe in you. And go get ‘er done.
Happy terror barrier blasting!! You got this.

*Extra ‘points’ for anyone who knows where that quote originated! 😉


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