If you make room, it will come

By Elise Adams

If you make room, it will come.

I was blessed to have a business in my home I loved. I taught private voice and guitar lessons. I was pretty good at it and for a long time I enjoyed ‘going to work’ just down the hall. Unfortunately after about 20 years of this side job, I started dreading it. I was grumpy and began resenting the people I worked with. Finally, I decided enough was enough. I told all my students I would be closing my studio.

Not long afterwards, a series of events led my husband and I to begin breeding Great Danes. Before I knew it I was in love with the breed and had decided this would be my next venture. My next at home job. HA! Anyone who has built a business from the ground up knows, it’s not that easy! I needed money! I needed a space! I needed dogs! We decided to use The Vacuum Law of Prosperity to help us get started.

If we wanted to find a good quality dog, we needed to make room for her and her puppies! You remember my music studio? While it wasn’t the ideal location for a puppy room, it was the only one we had. After some consideration and planning, the transformation began.

It took several days and hours to clean everything out. Music, CDs, shelves, instruments, desk, piano, computer, office supplies, furniture, printer, etc. I had to go through it all. If we couldn’t find a place for it in our small home, it had to be donated, sold or tossed. This was an emotional process for me! I was saying ‘goodbye for now’ to over 20 years worth of teaching and performance supplies. Not to mention the memories. But I KNEW if I didn’t make room that perfect dog would not come. So I stayed focused. I depended on that Law coming through for me. If I made room they would come! I was determined!

I wrote a statement outlining the circumstances of finding the right dog. It wasn’t easy, but I said that statement over and over every single day. I said it out loud. I recorded it and listened to it. I thought about it often. I was putting my whole self into it! Some might say “desperation”! I called it “focus”!

Finally my studio was cleared out. An empty room to prepare for this dog we had not yet met. We carefully shopped. Waterproof flooring, furniture, a whelping box, puppy supplies, new crates, blankets, and much more slowly but surely found a place in the new puppy room. I kept saying my statement over and over every day. I was grateful. I believed. I waited. I was grateful. I believed. I waited.

Then, it happened! I saw the picture of a gorgeous dog that was available! It filled the requirements I had written out in my statement. We reached out to the owner. There was talk, texts, emails and pictures sent back and forth. I knew this was my dog. I was already in love!

A few days later I was on the road to go meet and bring back this addition to our home, family and breeding program. I drove for two days straight. Met him, and started back home. You guessed it…another two days solid on the road. After what felt like much more than the 2,552 miles it was, we arrived home.

If you make room, it will come. In your home, in your heart, or wherever you need a void filled. Whatever it is you need or want! Just choose, make room and believe.The Vacuum Law of Prosperity. It may not be easy. But it is simple. And I promise, it does work.


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