The Science of Wealth and Success – Part I of III

By Cameran Hadlock

My purpose and goal in writing this three-part article is to teach you that there is an exact science to success and wealth. What is that science? That there are certain laws of wealth and success that must be obeyed and applied and when done so properly, must produce the desired outcome every time. How is this science applied? Through proper use of your thoughts.

Let me explain. To everything there is a certain and exact cause. Success and wealth are an effect of an exact cause. If you know and duplicate that exact cause, you can also have the exact effect it produces. An easy example of this is in the planting and maturing of a seed into a plant. When you plant a certain seed (say a watermelon seed) there is only one outcome or effect that will appear – a watermelon.

This is called the law of cause and effect, everything has a cause and everything has an effect; there cannot be an effect without a cause and there can never be a cause without an effect. Nothing happens by chance; there is always a cause. Whatever has happened, is happening, or will happen are just the effects of certain causes. Each cause is the result of some choice and action that we took or did not take.

As an illustration, imagine a stick that represents a cause on one end and an effect or outcome on the other end. On the end that shows the outcome it says “good employment” and on the other end, the cause, it says “responsibility.” The cause of this person’s good employment was his quality of being responsible.

Let’s look at another example. This time one end of the stick says “drank 6 cans of beer” and the other end says “very drunk.” You may want the effect to be “sober” instead of “very drunk,” but each cause produces certain results or consequences which we must then live with. Again, imagine that stick, if you pick up the one end, “drank 6 cans of beer” you have also picked up the other end. There is no way around it. According to the law of cause and effect, you cannot pick up the one end without also picking up the other.

Think of an example of this law of cause and effect from your own life. What would it be?

When you are ready to make certain outcomes happened in your life, you must find the cause that is connected to that outcome. Where do you find the cause that is attached to what you want?

It’s actually much closer than you think, but it’s well camouflaged. It is here, in your mind. In the thoughts we think, in the beliefs we act out, and in the paradigms we see through.

Now, write down three things that you want and decide what thoughts will cause them to happen in your life. Look past immediate and superficial causes to the real causes in your thoughts.

Do it now!

Cameran Hadlock

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