The Science of Wealth and Success – Part II of III

By Cameran Hadlock

In Part I of this article, you learned that there is a cause and effect to everything in life. You learned that everything that is a part of your life and all your results are caused by one thing – your thoughts. Your thoughts are the cause and your results are the effect of those thoughts.

Now, you may be wondering, “If it’s all up to my thoughts, then what? I don’t have to do anything else, just think it to happen?”

If a seed stayed a seed, it would then be of no value. The seed is the blueprint of something much greater. Thoughts are the same as those seeds. They are essential! Your thoughts are the seeds or blueprints that lead to greater accomplishments. The effects we produce are the mirror image of the cause or blueprints.

So, decide what it is you want and then plant the thought seed and nourish it constantly. You can think of it as a computer program. You put in a certain program that will produce the results you want. You want to be able to write when using your computer, so you use Microsoft Word. You want to handle money, so you use Quicken. You want to communicate through e-mail, so you open the e-mail program. Each program lets you do something different than the rest.

First, know what you want and then use what will cause your desired outcome to happen.

Imagine taking a look at a handful of seeds from many different plants. Would you be able to tell me by looking at them what these seeds must become? How do they know to become what they will grow to be? How do they become it?

When it comes to our lives; most of us let seeds into our minds which we have no idea what they are or will become. Most of us let seeds from all over enter and then hope that something good will grow up from it.

We can not; we must not live our lives like that any longer! Each one of us must consciously choose what we want to grow up in our lives and then purposely plant those exact seeds and nothing else. If weeds start to appear, get rid of them. No dandelions allowed, unless that was what you wanted.

Now you may say, “I have had many, many, many thoughts that have never appeared in my life. And, many things have showed up that I’ve said I don’t want. What about all that?”

Not every thought you think is planted. Only your consistent, dominant thoughts are planted and then only those that have feeling or emotion attached to them take root.

Many seeds are planted that we don’t want when we think about all the things we do not want. That’s okay, but when we add worry, anxiety, fear, anger or other emotions, those unwanted seeds become deeply rooted in our minds.

The best way to avoid all that is by focusing on what you do want and absolutely not attaching emotions to them.

Some examples: People say they want to lose weight, they even change their diet or start exercising, but they are worried that they won’t be able to keep it up. They constantly worry that they won’t lose weight or that they will actually gain more weight.

Or, you have a person trying to pay off his debt, but again, they are constantly thinking and worrying about all that huge monstrous debt.

In both examples, that which they feared most will come upon them. Even if the person with the debt was able to pay if off, he would create more debt because he needs debt in order to pay it off. That’s been his focus and worry. Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

What could he have been focusing on instead?

How about financial freedom. That would have taken care of the debts as well, but in a different way with the actual results being what he wanted in the first place. We must plant and nurture the right seeds!

Do this now for yourself by following the steps mentioned above. Be sure to attach strong emotion to your goals and do it often.

Commit to doing it NOW! Now is all you have.

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Cameran Hadlock

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