Enjoy the Journey

By Beckie Dragon

There was a time when I was a new mother taking on four stepchildren on a routine basis. Then my husband and I started adding to our family, eventually adding four more children. This was a very busy time. I remember being in meetings of a women’s organization and hearing Ecclesiastes chapter 3 being quoted often, which says, “To everything there is a season.” That was meant to help us remember the importance of keeping a proper perspective on life lest we get overwhelmed. Women especially feel like we have to do it all! We wear many hats, so to speak. Some women manage to work, take care of a family, keep up with church callings, and somehow, they seem to have it all together. 

When you are in the middle of toddlers and babies and mountains of diapers, laundry and dishes, it feels like this time in life will never end. Someone always needs something. One child is crying and needs a band-aid. Two are fighting. Another has disappeared. You have dinner boiling over on the stove. And the baby needs fed, RIGHT NOW! Then your husband comes home from work and takes one look at the house and asks, what have you been doing all day? Haha! I can laugh at this now! 

Now I am at the other end of all of that. The children are grown, and all have families of their own. I don’t get to see them all every day. We have to make arrangements to get together if we want to see them. It is definitely a different season of life. 

I have to admit I was not born with a positive attitude and I didn’t learn it along the way. I believed life was meant to be hard and would always be hard. I believed that life was the school of “hard knocks” and that is how we were meant to learn. I never looked with hope for a brighter future. It was up to me to deal with what I was given to me and what came my way. Life has been a struggle. I found I was merely surviving, not thriving. 

The funny thing is I have spent my entire life becoming a better person. I have always strived for improvement mainly because I felt broken and needed fixing. I believed it was up to me to become as perfect as I could so I could return to heaven to be with my stillborn twin sister. I believed she didn’t need to experience this life because she was perfect, and if I wanted to be with her again, I needed to be perfect. This kept me on a self-improvement journey. But I never felt good enough. 

Knowing the Law of Rhythm has given me hope. I know I am good enough now and I can look forward to better days ahead. There is a saying, “Enjoy the Journey” (I don’t know where it came from), that I wish I would have been able to apply in every stage of my life. I now believe that no matter what season of life we find ourselves in, if we remember it is only but for a small moment, and “this too shall pass,” it will help us get through it. I love what Leslie Householder says in Hidden Treasures: “I try to use my knowledge of this law to my advantage. When I’m overcome with despair, I remember that I can count on an upturn of events. I begin to look for evidence of it.” That helps me to take comfort in knowing I can count on there being better days ahead for me. But even more importantly I can begin to turn it around now, by looking for the evidence of it. If I focus on what is good and stay in a high vibration of gratitude, I will have hope for a brighter future and enjoy the journey along the way. She also said, “We learn that, by law, we are guaranteed better times ahead.” I don’t think it gets any better than a guarantee! That is a huge comfort that we can count on! 

I found this on the internet: “The stream of our lives is like a dance from morning to evening, month to month, and through the years. To be a good dancer, we must develop rhythm. Though there is some objective component to rhythm, it is mostly composed of feeling. We need to feel the beat of our lives.” Michael Mamas

I love the sound of that. It is about the flow and the feeling.


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