Thrown Off Course

By Kathryn Barney

“Be aware of what season you are in and give yourself the grace to be there.” — Kristen Dalton

I am so thankful to have learned more about the Law of Rhythm. Of course, I have learned my whole life about different seasons of life being important for different reasons. Like many of the other principles, it was one I had a hard time internalizing and applying to myself.

I am an “idea” person. Ideas just flow through me. I have files and files of ideas.

Sometimes (often), I get excited and start working on an idea. I am sure it will change my life.

And then, I lose interest. Or get tired. Or get sidetracked.

And then, I beat myself up. Why can’t I ever stick to anything? Why can’t I finish a project? Why can’t I see anything through to the end?

But I get a new idea, and the cycle starts all over!

Along with learning the Law of Rhythm, I am also thankful for Marnie Pehrson Kuhns and her description of the Creative Cycle (in her book Trust Your Heart: Spirit-Led Business). Learning about the Creative Cycle changed the way I view my life.

My Life follows the Law of Rhythm. I learned that when I lose interest or get tired of a project, that doesn’t mean that the project is over or I have failed. It is just the natural ebb and flow of my brain.

I have been overflowing with ideas this year! The year 2020, the year of the pandemic, has been my favorite year maybe ever. I have learned so much and had life-changing inspiration. And I was moving forward with some big ideas in a way I had only just dreamed about for so many years!

Then, things happened.

My 21-year-old son had a major surgery that put him down for several weeks. I was his primary caregiver, especially for the first couple of weeks when he couldn’t even feed himself or get his own medication.

My daughter got married, and the weeks leading up to her wedding were much busier than I anticipated (and it’s not my first wedding to plan, so I’m not sure why it was different!).

I had some dental surgery which was supposed to be minor, but which knocked me flat for a couple of weeks.

We had some misunderstandings and hurt feelings in our family that blew up into a major drama. I was thrust into the middle of it. It affected me deeply and caused me to ponder acutely my own core values.

All these events threw me off course. But now that I understand the Law of Rhythm, I didn’t lose heart. I knew that my Creative Cycle, or the Law of Rhythm, would swing things back in the other direction.

And that’s where I find myself now. I’m on my way back up, riding the flow and preparing myself for more inspiration to come.

What a ride!

Kathryn Barney
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