Old Curtains

By Wayne Hafner

The Vacuum Law of Prosperity states that Nature abhors a vacuum. Make room for the thing you desire by giving away that which you do not like or use. Give it away, and let the Universe compensate you.

Look around your world. Is there something in your world that you feel you no longer desire? Do you realize that in reality you are in perfect harmony with it?

Bob Proctor tells a story about his aunt. He paid her a visit, and she apologized for her hideous curtains. She expressed how much she hated those old curtains, but said she unfortunately couldn’t afford to replace them. Bob said, “You love those curtains.” “No, I hate them! I just can’t afford to replace them.” “No, you love them. Subconsciously you are in complete harmony with them, or they’d already be gone.” “But I can’t afford new ones!” She explained. “Dear Aunt, don ‘t you see? You don’t need new curtains; you have no place to hang any! If you want new curtains, take these down, clean them up and give them away. Don’t yard sale them, donate them to charity.”

He convinced her to do as he said. The next time he came to visit, there hung the new curtains. A way had presented itself. And now, her living room was void of furniture.

In my own world, I was lamenting the fact that revenues were not flowing in the way I had hoped or thought they should be. The devastating loss of my wife, Susan, who was also my business partner and it had taken its toll on my business.

Here pre-death assessment of how much her loss would affect the business was correct and I was pouring my own savings into my business account to keep the business afloat. On the outside I was telling myself that I hated what was going on, but subconsciously I had accepted that without Susan this was my new reality. It took me a long time to realize I was in fact in harmony with this new reality and my mindset would have to change if I was going to turn my business around.

Moreover, why would the Universe bring me new clients if I was not serving the ones I already had. Apparently I was overworked and overstressed so I was certainly not going to be given an even more difficult situation.

It was not until I changed my mindset that things began to change. I began to purge myself of the clients which I could not afford to serve and made a focused effort to complete projects that the Universe could reward me with new clients.


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