Wait 15 Minutes

By Wayne Hafner

The Law of Rhythm states that nature’s movements are cyclical. There is repetition in everything.

We see this in everything around us. We see it in how the planets move, in the seasons, in the tide, and even in our own personal circumstances.
We have prosperous years and we have challenging years. These years are made up of months, both prosperous and challenging. Same with our days. Even moment to moment.

There is a saying here in Missouri, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes and will change.” At times it feel as though we experience all four seasons in a day.

We each have our own biorhythm. Think about it. We feel good, we feel bad. We experience various emotions over and over again. If we don’t like the way we are feeling now, we hope will change.

More importantly, by the Law of Polarity, we know it will. Without the bad, we would not be able to experience the good. Without sorrow, we would not be able to experience joy.

But does that mean that because we are experiencing happiness now that we must wait for the inevitable other shoe to drop tomorrow? After all, if life is cyclical and we are experiencing wonderful moment presently, shouldn’t we expect that something equally awful is headed our way? That would certainly be an awkward manner in which to live one’s life. To always be anticipating and awaiting a worse situation.

And what happens if we take this approach? What happens when we expect the bad situation? We change our vibration and attract that which we are afraid will happen.

Instead, we should choose our thoughts with intention and utilize the Law of Polarity in our favor. By that Law we know that even the worst situations contain something fabulous.

So when we are down, expect to go up. And when we are up, realize that eventually we will be dissatisfied this and what was once wonderful will become common place. Make this former high our new low and seek even better circumstances.

It’s all good. Look forward to feeling better. You won’t have to force it to happen. Nature provides.


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