Gratitude in Every Circumstance

By Wayne Hafner

The Law of Relativity is useful for helping to keep good thoughts in your mind. The law states that nothing we experience is fundamentally good or bad. Bad things that happen to us are only bad relative to something better.

Events in our lives are not by their nature good or bad. They are simply events. We add the perspective to them. If a bill comes in the mail that we are not expecting or are unprepared for, that is not a bad thing in and of itself. It is just a thing. We make it good or bad by our reaction to it related to our experience. We can either grimace and moan because it is another bill that we cannot pay or see it as a challenge and see what money making opportunity is out there to pay it.

If you are convinced that you are dealing with a really bad circumstance, simply ask Heavenly Father to assist you in seeing it differently. If you compare your situation to much worse, you are able to maintain a different perspective.

My paradigm shift in this area occurred after the death of my wife, Susan. The loss of my wife and business partner shook me to the core in so many ways. It occurred over three years ago and at times I am still reeling from it. The pain was, and is still at times, indescribable and only those who have suffered the loss of their life partner or eternal companion can understand. So, for me, every situation pales in comparison.

That is an extreme example. For most of life’s issues or events, I do not have to break out this big gun for comparison. Like all of us I have had many experiences, some sad and some joyful. So there is a plentiful list to draw from for comparison.

Ordinarily, I simply try to see life’s challenges as tasks that need to be handled. I attempt to take the attitude that they are neither positive nor negative, they just are. If it is a joyful event, I enjoy the experience and thank Heavenly Father for yet another blessing. If it is something trending negative, I compare it to something worse and then focus on solving. Yes, it really is that simple. The difficultly lies in remembering that it is that simple. The answer is always one thought away.

Another aspect of the Law of Relativity is the need to be grateful. We all want better circumstances. But we must begin by finding peace with our current situation. We must feel gratitude for the blessings that we already have. The Law of Relativity is a tool to find gratitude in our current environment. It provides us with the opportunity to view our situation more favorably and be prepared for future blessings. It is hard to be hateful when you have a heard that is grateful. With this grateful heart and positive attitude we change our vibration and we will be prepared for better circumstances to come to us.


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