Letting Go and Moving Forward

By Wayne Hafner

The law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite. It also declares that everything has an opposite that is of equal degree.

For example, if it is very far to walk from St. Louis to Boston, then it is equally far to walk from Boston to St. Louis.

We learn from the Law of Relativity that no situation or circumstance is in or of itself good or bad. Value is added by us based upon our experience and perceptions.

However, when a bad experience does occur, the Law of Polarity gives assurance that there is within that experience, something good.
In my own life I encountered just that. On November 7, 2015, I watched my wife, Susan, breathe her last breath here on earth. It was the worst day of my life. I had to watch her for months battling disease until early one morning it was finally time to let go. I held her hand, looked into her eyes, and told her it was ok to say goodbye. Nothing prepared for me for the pain and suffering her absence brought to my life. She was my partner in both life and business, so the blow was devastating both personally and professionally.

One of Susan’s biggest fears was that without her our company that we had built would suffer tremendous loss in value. That most certainly did occur. Many clients left the company. Because of the loss of those clients and my inability to provide service at the level we had done in the past, revenues dropped noticeably. I was now doing the work of three (I had not realized that Susan had been doing the work of two) and not very well.
It continued to be a struggle, but then I begin tapping into the Law of Polarity. I started to search for the possible blessings that could be found within this, the worst experience of my life.

By law, there was the possibility of blessings equal to the challenge.

In my readings and personal prayer and study, I realized that Susan was actually so much better off now than when facing her struggles here on earth. I began to thank Heavenly Father for being merciful for caring enough about her to return her home to Him. Rather than sorrow for the situation, I began to feel gratitude and grow closer to Him. I still miss Susan every minute of the day but my love for Heavenly Father grows stronger and my relationship with Him is actually improving. Susan also found great spiritual strength during her battle. Earlier in 2015, we had sent her to a cancer clinic in Mexico. The first week she was there she marveled at how much her relationship with Heavenly Father had grown and how she felt closer to Him than ever before.

As for me, rather than turning away from Heavenly Father, I re-directed my life towards Him. I began focusing on the blessing he has already given me and began seeking what blessings could be drawn from the terrible loss.

Regarding business, I knew that by law the blessings would be as equally great as the challenge. I began seeking ways to improve service and learn more about growing business. I sought to this an opportunity to expand the business more towards what my strengths are as opposed to what our strengths were. I am have opened myself to the possibilities of what I can do to grow the business. I know in my heart that there are bountiful opportunities awaiting me. They are simply and idea away. And as I grow closer to Heavenly Father and focus on the Law of Polarity and the opportunities for blessings that I know are there, I know in my heart that answers will be found.


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