Out of Money – Overcoming Financial Loss

By Angie Kleven

Nearly six years ago I experienced a tremendous financial loss. A business in which years of money, time, and work were invested had collapsed. With no warning, there was suddenly not one penny coming in. At that time, my three children were all under age eight and I was trying to adjust to life as a single parent and all of the changes that brought with it.

The anxiety and fear I felt at that moment were indescribable, and had it not been for my children, I probably would have stopped functioning. I did the only thing I could do – I cried and worried and paced, and ultimately placed my trust in the Lord and moved forward with as much faith as I could muster; never knowing how things would work out, but desperately hoping that they would. Eventually everything settled down and a new normalcy developed. My ex-husband secured work at another firm and I became a self-employed medical transcriptionist. Life went on, and while still living hand-to-mouth, it was nevertheless dependable. Or so I thought…

Due to the extreme economic downturn, my ex-husband was recently and unexpectedly laid off, and shortly after that, 90 percent of my transcription clients converted to an electronic medical record system. Within just a few weeks, I once again had no source of income. This time, the entire experience was different because I was different; I had learned how to think.

Once again, I immediately felt fear and panic, but this time I refused to accept them. Instead, I forced my thoughts elsewhere, up and away from the problems that surrounded me. This time, I was happy and embraced the experience as an opportunity rather than an upheaval. I retreated into the only space I could control, my mind, and spent hours thinking and visualizing the outcome I wanted. I sat down with a sheet of paper and a pen and wrote down every thought I had about how to earn a living working from home that would allow me enough time to fulfill my many responsibilities as a single homeschooling mother. It was a long process and many of the thoughts I wrote bordered on insanity. However, as I filled the front and back of the paper, I began to feel true hope that there was a solution within me, and that I had the power to create financial stability and wealth sufficient to provide for my children and myself on a permanent long-term basis. I believed that this was the end of my financial struggles and that the door to a future of prosperity had finally opened.

Several weeks passed as I recorded my thoughts and mentally explored my options. Being open emotionally to the changes that were happening brought me into a heightened spiritual vibration and my feelings naturally turned to gratitude for finding the solution I sought. Such an intense focus on the possibilities and the good things that were coming preoccupied my waking hours and I was surprised to realize that I had not thought about my lack of money for quite some time. One morning I woke up and the answer was in my mind, just sitting there, like it had been there all along. As I picked up the idea and turned it around, inside out and upside down, I saw that it was more than good; it was true inspiration and was the path I needed to take. Thoughts continued to flood my mind and the idea grew and strengthened until it seemed so obvious that I wondered why I had not ever thought of it before.

The hardest work was done; the plan was in place. Once that goal was firmly established in my mind and heart, I set to work doing all I could to bring it to fruition. I was trained as a mentor and built many relationships that have proven beneficial both personally and professionally. I received intensive quality coaching that helped me create a firm foundation on which to build my new business. All of the people and circumstances that I needed were in place when I looked for them, and my business took flight overnight. It took over six years to create the right mental and emotional soil, and when the right seed was finally planted, it grew quickly and strong, and abundantly provided for all of my family’s needs and wants. Had we never been out of money, twice, I never would have learned the right lessons nor had the opportunity to watch them work. One of my greatest hardships became one of my greatest blessings.

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