Trick or Treat?

Because I know the question has come up for certain readers, I thought I’d answer the question:

“Is it safe to learn from Leslie Householder?”

In other words, is the information you’ll learn from me a trick to trap you, or is it a treat that can properly liberate you?

“Who would wonder such a thing?” you may ask.

Well, if you must know, an old friend contacted me a while ago for the first time in twenty years because she said she saw my name somewhere on a list of people who had gone to the devil. She basically said, “I just HAD to see what you were up to, because you were on this list with a whole bunch of other people who I happen to highly respect!”


It makes me think of the time when I called the cops on the kid who broke my broom (because I was so stressed about money), and now whenever I share that story, my husband likes to pipe in with,

“Yeah, she lost her mode of transportation that day.”

Thanks honey.


So, people have been critical of what I teach. They get suspicious when they hear anyone talk about how our thoughts affect our circumstances. Yeah, I know, people will judge.

They probably don’t know that some of the most godly leaders on the planet throughout history have all taught that we should watch our thoughts, and have faith.

But no matter. These people will judge me, they’ll judge you. Just don’t let it stop you from doing what YOU know is right. The important thing is to always stay aligned with your own conscience, and follow it no matter what… discerning between the good fear that keeps you safe, and the deceptive fear that prevents you from finding and living according to the truth you find.

This is life mastery.

If you’re worried about my teachings or trainings, just know this: I have a hyper-sensitive conscience of my own and have wrestled plenty with the concern of learning things that maybe aren’t always taught in Sunday School. Like some of my readers, I used to be concerned about whether these philosophies were of men, only mingled with scripture, or if they were actually true and eternal principles.

On the day that I set aside to seek my answer, studying and praying intently for direction about whether the principles were right and true (or not), among other things, I found additional insight on a plaque posted on the foyer wall of a temple I visited in Los Angeles that reminded me, “[My faith] embraces all truth that is revealed and that is unrevealed, whether religious, political, scientific, or philosophical.” – Brigham Young.

(Not to mention that I was raised to believe that if there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, I should seek after these things.)

President Boyd K. Packer shared some insight that was included in the Sunday School manual here. He said,

“There are two kinds of faith. One of them functions ordinarily in the life of every soul. It is the kind of faith born by experience; it gives us certainty that a new day will dawn, that spring will come, that growth will take place. It is the kind of faith that relates us with confidence to that which is scheduled to happen. …

“There is another kind of faith, rare indeed. This is the kind of faith that causes things to happen. It is the kind of faith that is worthy and prepared and unyielding, and it calls forth things that otherwise would not be. It is the kind of faith that moves people. It is the kind of faith that sometimes moves things. …

It comes by gradual growth. It is a marvelous, even a transcendent, power, a power as real and as invisible as electricity. Directed and channeled, it has great effect.” (Quote by Boyd K. Packer © By Intellectual Reserve, Inc., used with permission).

(post continued below…)


So then, what’s the issue?

People sometimes shy away from information related to the law of attraction because it has been known to foster greed, selfishness, instant gratification, or dance dangerously close to even witchery. True principles will always have their counterfeit or misuse, and when people know more about the counterfeit version than they do the true and correct principle behind it, the resemblance between the two can be enough to make them run the other way.

This is understandable, and I assert that it is the responsibility of each individual to come to their own conclusion – first by studying it out completely and then asking God if their conclusion is right.

Books worth reading: As a Man Thinketh, and Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters (both FREE).

For those who will do this and ask for a confirmation from God, it will come, bringing the peace of mind they seek. If their conclusion is wrong, they’ll be left with a stupor of thought. They can test it both ways until they have a sure answer. (D&C 9:9)

Now, if you have ever been nervous about learning how to use your thoughts to influence the results in your life, I totally respect that concern. But it’s important to realize that you are already constantly influencing the results in your life by your thoughts – I’m just here to help you do it consciously, so that your results are more in line with how you really want your life to turn out.

However, in spite of all I’ve said, if your conscience ever tells you that you absolutely shouldn’t learn any more from me, then by all means, listen to your conscience and follow it. Context and timing is everything! You may simply dismiss it politely with respect for another person’s point of view. I just ask that you reserve character judgment until you’ve done your homework, rather than blindly taking the word of your neighbor’s great aunt’s brother-in-law, or anyone else.

(I’d do the same for you. 😉 )

As for my training events, you will never be asked to do anything out of harmony with good and right principles. You will never be encouraged to do anything that threatens the family unit.

While you can use the principles to achieve any goal, I would only encourage the pursuit of goals that are in harmony with God’s will, and I’ll teach you to achieve them through means that align with scriptural principles.


Rare Faith can help us get what we want, but we do not use it to receive everything we want. Its purpose is to build the Kingdom of God: helping us overcome personal challenges, helping our families thrive, finding and fulfilling our divine purpose, and serving others. When we hit a roadblock, we use Rare Faith to stay on course. That’s what Rare Faith is for, and to be clear, that’s the only thing it’s for.

NOTE: While I thoroughly enjoy donating time to speak for non-profit organizations whenever circumstances permit, I do not officially represent any one of them, nor are my events or programs officially endorsed by them. If you are interested in having me give a Sunday “Fireside” or speak to your religious organization about applying these principles of faith to strengthen families and/or combat financial bondage, contact me here. Click here to watch a fireside given to our own ward under the direction of our Bishop, which we’ve been given permission to share.

Leslie Householder

13 Responses

  1. Your Friend was prompted to contact you after 20 years, however, she didn’t even realize that it was going to HELP you…. God works in Mysterious Ways….
    This was a Great Comeback on your part and very Professional…
    This is a Confirmation of your Integrity and Reliance on the Lord, you are sharing these True Principles in your own Unique Style….
    I won’t participate in anyone or anything that is EGO Driven… You are a Woman of GOD and your Spirit or Energy is HEART FELT…. Thankyou for Sharing

  2. Keep up the good work this is your mission! Ask The Lord in prayer and have faith he will guide us thru others, that can help us “teach one another”. With God we can make it in this world.

  3. Leslie, you’re so awesome!! You have such integrity, and I too know that the path that led me to you was indeed divine. My life hasn’t been the same since. Many blessings, many trials, but I handle them so differently — it’s wonderful!
    It really does come down to our own conversation with God, doesn’t it? So many times, I’ve questioned people I know or respect, but never found the truth until I sought it out for myself, and asked the one I should’ve asked in the first place — God.
    Thanks for your wonderful example, and for all that you are teaching me!

  4. Thanks for posting this Leslie! This is just what I need. I have had recent experiences of opposition from others about me going to things that help me to find my soul purpose. And even questioning me about whether I was learning philosophies of men mingled with scripture. At first I was shocked that they were basically questioning my moral character. But I have peace in knowing that I have felt the spirit confirm to me that what I’m learning is good. And I guess I should expect opposition because that means it’s REALLY good. As long as I’m praying for the discernment of truth, that I’m on the right track, then I’m ok.

  5. Hi Leslie,
    greetings from Cape Town, South Africa. When reading your post I gathered you might also be a Latter Day Saint and as I read the responses from your readers, this was confirmed. I thoroghly enjoyed the Jack Rabbit Factor and I try to use it more and more in my life. Take care and keep up the great work!

  6. Thanks Doug, I had a similar experience where I was asked to give a talk in church, on how gratitude can expand us in financial situations. I based the talk on a conversation with my local church leader. We have many people in our ward that is struggling with this economy. I felt that after expressing my thoughts about gratitude and its association on thinking and thought, he asked me to talk on it. So I built the talk on the principles and used a quote I learned from Leslie. I also took quotes from the book, The Science of Getting Rich By Wallace Wattles as well as scriptures to hone in on different points. I had my Leaders come up and say that is exactly what was needed.

    As I have studied I have had many amazing breakthroughs. I know these principles to be true and am excited about learning them deeper and getting closer to him who teaches all truth.

  7. Leslie,
    The reason I keep coming back to you is because of everyone I have studied, you closely parallel my own spiritual beliefs. I love and have been blessed by having read and listened to you. I have taken what you have taught in prayer and meditation. It is good.

  8. Hi Leslie,

    I appreciate so much your sharing your experiences and counsel on this. Even though I know I was led to find you, I struggled in the beginning with these principles. They sounded good and felt good, but I didn’t want to be misled or deceived by the philosophies of men. Because I am so sensitive about always doing what is right, I had to put in the time to study out these principles including you. I spent a lot of time on my knees with no answers coming quickly. I continued to look for support in the scriptures for these teachings. It didn’t take long for me to start seeing and having aha moments in the scriptures about these teachings. I found like James said above that these teachings just use different terminology, but the principles and truths are the same. I have had several spiritual confirmations that I am on the right track and that these principles are truths. I now understand faith on a much deeper level than I ever have. I now know how it works and my role in making it work.

    A couple of months ago I was asked to speak in church about enduring to the end. Because of some comments I have received from some individuals in my church about these principles, I was fearful to teach what I wanted to teach and decided I was going to take a “traditional” approach to this subject. As I started to prepare, I couldn’t. I had a “stupor of thought.” As I pondered this feeling, I had a feeling of chastisement come over me with the thoughts, “I have taught you these principles. Now teach them to others.” I actually typed up my talk, but it didn’t feel quite right. Sunday morning I went to print it out and my printer broke. So, I simply trusted in God and stood up and started talking. I felt energy, power and thoughts flowing, and I taught many principles that I had been taught from God through you. I had many people come up to me for weeks afterwards saying it was the best talk that they had heard in a long time. I guess when you teach principles and they are accompanied by the spirit, then they must be truths.

    Thanks Leslie. I am grateful that God has led me to you.


  9. Leslie,

    Your ability to show that these principles are the same principles (under different names) we’ve been taught all our lives in Sunday School is one of my “aha” moments. Thank you for helping me see this.

    Remember Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

  10. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Leslie. It helped confirmed what I’m going through right now, especially distinguishing between good fear and deceptive fear.

    It took my life to hit rock-bottom that I opened up and read more books… I find it helped me see a different perspective that there are different paths to knowing God.

  11. I myself have wrestled with the fear that you are talking about – the fear that maybe I am learning something that just isn’t in Harmony with the teachings of the divine. Then I learned something that set me on a path of discovery. It was a quote by the same person you quoted earlier – Brigham Young. He basically said that we ought to embrace truth wherever we find it. The trick then is to recognize truth and not be scammed by what isn’t truth. For me, earnest prayer has been the barometer for truth. It works every time. Since the day that I left that fear I have learned many truths that have enhanced my life and the lives of those I love. Learning and growing is a grand adventure!

  12. Leslie,
    This is exactly why I have loved learning from you these past 5 years!!! I love how you teach these principles in complete integrity. I love how you teach us how to use these principles to strengthen our families and our life’s purpose!

    The good news is that if people oppose you, it means you are moving forward (equal and opposite reaction)!

    Keep up the great work — I still have so much to learn from you! 😉


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