A Marriage Evolving

By Sandra Boyer

As I wrote this, fall was in all its splendor and glory. How I love looking out my window at the mountains splashed in vibrant reds and yellows. I so love living in an area where I enjoy and experience the changing of four seasons. I believe it’s vital to take pleasure in seasons-the seasons of the planet as well as our own life’s seasons.

The Law of Rhythm states that everything has an in and out flow. Low feelings permit enjoyment of high feelings. Life is always filled with highs and lows.

Bob Proctor states, “REASON gives us the ability to CHOOSE our thoughts (THAT IS FREE WILL). Even when you are on a natural down swing, you can choose good thoughts with your FREE WILL and continue to move up toward your goal.”

Just as I am enjoying the crisp autumn air with its radiant colors, I know that winter approaches. (Better get the snow blower to the repair shop!) How I love winter with the quiet softness of falling snow. I love and find pleasure in each season because I know it only lasts a while-a few months-and then comes change.

Understanding and knowledge of this law has helped me move more gracefully through situations I found difficult. When business didn’t go as I had hoped, I took a breath and thought of this law. By law, an “up” would come.

When I felt stagnant in my marriage, I knew it to be a temporary condition, knowing that by law, an upswing was coming.

As I held on to the thoughts of rhythm, I knew that I had no need to fuss or worry. All was well. And as I CHOSE my thoughts, using my FREE WILL and focused on calmness and serenity, I moved through less desirable situations more quickly as I kept progressing upward. In other words, the season of duration was dramatically truncated as I looked at them through the eyes of understanding and acceptance.

So my new “downs” were on the same level as my old “highs” as I allowed for greater and greater heights through proper choice of good thoughts.

Fall is famous for quick changing weather patterns as well as fluxional temperatures. Just as cold, chilly morning weather (with the furnace on) yields to basking warm afternoon temperatures (with the AC on), morning light always follows the dark nights.

Look forward with a brightness of hope knowing that the light comes.

The Law of Rhythm teaches that during “down” times, you can be grateful, knowing that (by law) there is an upswing coming. Choose carefully good thoughts.

Sandra Boyer
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