Uncanny Synchronicity

By Sandra Boyer

The Law of Vibration (sometimes referred to as the Law of Attraction) states that your thoughts control your personal vibration. If you change your thoughts and get emotional about them, you will change the things you are attracting into your life. In other words, change your vibration and change your life.

When my husband walked out the door with suitcases in hand, he actually provided me with the time and space I needed for my progression, healing and change. I was free of drama, expectations and conflict, which allowed me the perfect environment for growth. It was an ideal time to focus on forgiveness, gratitude and love. What a marvelous and precious gift!

I belatedly came to the realization that the only one I rightly had control over was, appropriately, ME. I was ripe for change and new experiences.

I knew I needed help and knowing that God knows so much better than I, and also knowing that he wanted to bless me, I offered a simple prayer.

The result of that sincere and fervent prayer was that the people, resources and events I needed seemed to just appear. The synchronicity was so uncanny that I knew without a doubt the source of them. It was impossible for me to make these significant events happen–completely and utterly impossible.

How wonderful this was for me! I knew I was loved. I knew I was supported. I knew with a surety that my needs and wants are important. And it was made known to me once again, that my personal prayers are an intimate and direct communication with deity. Prayer took on such a deeper personal, sacred power. This connection made me feel so good!

The opportunities and new, close friendships and the changes made within me that I most value at this season of my life are directly traceable to that heartfelt prayer.

It was during this time that I became acquainted with the importance of knowing what you want, becoming emotional about it and visualizing the desired results.

I reflected on my life and then asked myself what I wanted instead of my present circumstances and would focus on those fantastic new thoughts and the journey I would be undertaking. I included God in this process. I spent time each day visualizing my ideal life and found happiness and hope in this new vision of me. I wrote down my “perfect life” in as much detail I felt appropriate. I would read this new vision many times weekly to help me stay focused and “get in the groove” of my new adventure.

This process filled me with excitement and eagerness to live my life, displacing nagging feelings of depression, sadness and guilt.

Of course, at times I was sad and somewhat depressed. But I found that focusing my attention on my ideal whenever I felt down, the duration of those hard times shortened and the intensity decreased greatly. I allowed those feelings to flow through me, making a space for all the good I wanted to experience and the feelings of excitement at receiving them.

The Law of Vibration teaches that your thoughts control your personal vibration and thus what you attract. The quickest way to change your life is by changing your vibration. Here are some ways you can change your current vibration:

  • Pray and ask that your vibration be increased to its highest appropriate level.
  • Be still and visualize and feel your vibrations increase.
  • Focus on what you want and get excited about it.
  • If you’re currently in a “wee bit of a snit” or having a bad time, allow it and learn from it. But remember, you always have the choice of the duration and to “choose again.” Choose good thoughts.
  • Focus on gratitude and love.
  • Meditate and/or pray daily and visualize your desired results.
  • Write down what you want and read it daily with feelings of excitement and gratitude.
  • Form friendships with like-minded people and associate with them frequently.
  • Read uplifting material.
  • Learn something new you’ve always wanted to know.
  • Take creation walks-walks where you visualize and talk about all you want to create.
  • Create a “Gratitude Journal” where you list things you feel grateful for.
  • Wake each morning with a “song in your heart.” I literally picked out a “happy song” and before my eyes open each morning, sing that song in my head.

When you change your thoughts and get emotional about them, you will be awed at the changes that will come. The best way to change your vibration is to focus your thoughts on feelings of gratitude, love and hope.

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