How Committed are you, Really?

In order to succeed, you’ve got to be totally committed to your goal. Let me illustrate what “commitment” means with a story I heard at church when I was a teenager.

Once there was a group of farm animals, arguing over who had the most important contribution to the farmer’s breakfast meal:

The cow proudly announced how important she was, because without her milk, breakfast just wouldn’t be complete.

The chicken proudly pointed out that breakfast couldn’t possibly be breakfast without her eggs.

Finally the pig stood forward and said, “Yeah, well, you two are INVOLVED, but me? I’m TOTALLY COMMITTED.”

So are you only involved with your goals? Or are you totally committed?

Chase rabbits that are worth giving your life for. Freedom is one rabbit that I believe is worth dedicating your life to—freedom to become all you can be. Showing it can be done, so that you can inspire others to do the same. Strong relationships with your loved ones. Physical fitness and emotional wellness.

A goal is worthy if it opens the way for you to accomplish more and make a better contribution to the lives of those with whom you come in contact.

Be totally committed to your goals. Don’t waffle (no waffles for breakfast here!)—be more like bacon: totally committed. If you recognize that you are not totally committed, then set a goal to find a goal for which you can have that kind of passion!

For help with this process, learn more about Mindset Mastery.

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