God Will Provide More

By Adam Porter

The Law of Cause and Effect states that every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. Nothing happens by chance. When you have done a good deed, the law demands that the good be paid back for that which has been done. On the other hand, when you have done badly, you will know that justice will be served, either in this life or in the life to come. Every action has an equal reaction.

Based on the emotions you put into your goals, your thoughts, and your actions, the universe will create something of equal value. Good, positive thoughts always produce good, positive actions. You are causing yourself to change your vibration so that the things you need will be attracted to you.

It is critical to know how powerful your thoughts are. It is what you can attract and will attract by thinking, believing, and practicing your faith. When you are obedient to this law, you will know that the right things will be attracted to you, to assist in accomplishing the things you need to obtain your goal.

When my grandfather, Nathan Tanner Porter, was coming across the plains to the Salt Lake valley for the second time, he was with and assisted the Martin handcart company. Their troubles and trials were many. One thing Nathan Tanner said was: “When we have utilized all our provisions, God will provide more.”

This type of faith and thought summons the powers of the universe and draws the things you need to you. God provided what Nathan Tanner needed when he needed it; and his faith grew through the trials he endured gratefully. My grandfather understood that there is no limit to the abundance of the universe. As we draw prosperity to us, God will provide whatever it is we need, even if He has to create it anew.

The laws of the universe are God’s laws; by obeying His laws, you will attract the good to you. When you are seeking riches to bless the lives of others, sustain your family, and strengthen your faith, use the personal power of thought and change your vibration to attract the good from the universe.

By understanding your ability to create prosperity through the laws, you can draw the good to you and thus bring forth greater good. This law works in conjunction with the other 6 laws of prosperity-really getting the things you want and need, while learning from the consequences of your actions. God has blessed you with the freedom to act for yourself and not to be acted upon.

The choice and power are yours to enjoy.

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