This, Too Shall Pass

By Adam Porter

What goes up must come down. A lot like the law of polarity, the law of Rhythm helps you appreciate the good times when you are having bad times. It is like the waves of the sea-some waves go up high and others very low, and some waves move from side to side. You can know by this law that there will be “best of times and worst of times.” When you go through the worst of times, you can celebrate because the best of times are just around the corner.

When I was twenty-one, my family and I learned that my dad had pancreatic cancer. It was hard to watch one of my best friends and great examples suffer the way he did. Some days were good, and some days were fairly poor. I can still remember the emotions that I felt. I had very bad bouts with depression. I had up days, hoping for the best for my dad; and I had very low days, thinking how awful it would be to lose him.

I chose to push the negative thoughts out and remember that it won’t always be this bad. I made a conscious effort to spend the rest of the time we had in an uplifting way. Rhythm changed the course of the way I viewed my life.

My father set an example to me of pure hope, no matter what the outcome would be. This part of my life has helped me to know very well the law of rhythm-keeping hope from one day to another. I viewed this time of my life as a valuable experience, knowing that how I built my hope and faith up was by staying positive, even when the storms of life were blowing in my path.

Regardless of how rough and cold the winter might be, the sun will soon shine high. Be grateful for your down times; have hope in God; be grateful to Him that you are learning.

You can pick your lows through the thoughts that you allow. Instead of choosing to submit to a negative thought, or be persuaded by the happenstance of a situation, change the pattern of your thoughts and your vibration by allowing yourself to reach higher. By doing so, you will come to find that when you are in a high for so long, you will progress and grow out of that environment.

Your high will become your new low, and you will want to change your vibration to reach an even greater high. It really is just moving your feet, and progressing through life to achieve your full potential. The things that will help you make it through are right at your fingertips, if you humble yourself to feel gratitude. Pray for an understanding heart, have faith, and know this too shall pass.


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