All Good Things Come to Those who Wait

By Adam Porter

When you create goals, and have faith that you will see the desired results, you must know that all things coming into physical form have their own time; this is called a gestation period. I find it interesting that the longest gestation period of any mammal is 18-22 months for an African elephant. The shortest period is the opossum, at 12-13 days. A human baby takes about 42 weeks to fully develop. The point is-all things come into form in its own natural space of time. It can’t be rushed, as it needs time in its environment to grow properly. Be patient, and let nature take its course.

Look at it this way. Say you have planted a seed in rich, fertile soil. At what point would you dig the seed up to see if it has produced fruit yet? You wouldn’t. You would nourish the seed, practicing faith that it will grow. In its own gestation time, the seed will start to sprout and take root. If you don’t cast it out by fear or doubt, you will eventually see that the seed is true and good and that it’s attracting the things it needs as it grows into the tree.

An important thing to remember is that all good things come to those who wait. “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait I say, on the LORD” (Psalms 27: 14). Practice a particle of faith, knowing that, because of this law, you will eventually taste the fruit of the tree. Whatever it is that you desire, be planted in your correct environment to grow and attract the things you need. Cling to that desire; gratitude, hope, and faith will nourish you, and you will find yourself becoming deeply rooted.

I know and understand this law. Many seeds have I cast out because of my impatience, and many times have I chosen to say, “this thing will never come to pass.” I have learned through those experiences that when I despair, fear, or doubt, I am not receptive to what I need for my seed. It’s like planting a tree in the shade of a house, in the middle of winter. It won’t grow.

Thankfully, I have had opportunities arrive where I had remembered and learned from past mistakes. I changed my vibration from negatively repelling to positively producing-through patient persistence, and keeping and sustaining my goal, no matter how long it took to obtain it. The longer I waited, the more diligent I was in preparing my fields to receive rain; looking every day to see if the tree had produced the fruit.

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