Fear of Success

By Judy Young

I have heard people say that people’s biggest challenge is their fear of success.  Honestly, whenever I heard that phrase, inside I laughed.  I thought that statement was dumb.

Why on earth would someone be afraid of success!?   I didn’t believe it, and I fully dismissed it.

That said, the more I have thought about this over the years, the more I realized, or now believe, this statement is close, but misses the mark. I don’t believe it’s success that is feared, but more, failure AFTER success ~ looking like a fool, not being able to handle it or maintain it.

At least that’s what it is for me!  And maybe for you too?

And THAT is something I can address!

Is there anything in your past that you thought you would NEVER be able to do, and then, turns out, you could, and you did!?  And in fact, maybe you were better at it than you might have imagined?

I have seen many things like that.  I have taken classes on cake decorating, for instance, and realized how relatively easy that was.  I have taken many crafty classes, and my results have been beautiful!  Before-hand it would never have come to mind that I could create something so beautiful!

I have found that most things, when taken the time to learn, step by step, ARE doable!  I have taught my best friend’s mother all sorts of skills on the computer, all the while as she is saying she can’t do it (but then does!)  It is the fear of the unknown that scares us more than anything, it seems!

So if fear of operating a successful business on your own is what scares you, as it has me – then get a mentor, take classes, get a partner, ask for help, get a cheerleader!  Someone else HAS already succeeded in whatever it is that you want to have/do/be!  You do NOT have to reinvent the wheel, and you do NOT have to do it alone!

If anyone has done it, you can too!


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