The Law of Cause and Effect in Action

By Shanna Hoppie

The Law of Cause and Effect states that action and reaction are equal, in opposite directions.

Hmmmm…sounds like a physics class doesn’t it? But, it only works when you are talking about chemicals and particles and science, right? WRONG! This is a law that affects everything including our thoughts.

You’ve probably heard it said that thoughts become actions, actions become habits, habits become character and our character is who we are. That, my friends, is cause and effect.

Have you ever just thought something in your head about someone or something and, before you can stop yourself, out it comes? You just say it out loud! There is an airline commercial that is using this very idea to boost sales. After the character does or says something before they can stop themselves, the tagline reads, “Wanna get away?”

The nice thing about this law is that EVERY cause has an effect. What I mean is that it can work to your advantage just as much as you have experienced it working to your disadvantage. How? Consciously think about what you DO want to say, what you DO want to do, etc. The more you work to control what you think about, the more you will be in control of what you do, what have and what you are.

Remember what I said earlier about thoughts become actions? Eventually those thoughts will effect your very being. You already are a product of your past thoughts. Begin now to change your future by changing what you think.

Something that has helped me is to sit down and list out all the things that I want to be, do and have. That’s what I encourage you to do. Right now. Go ahead. There is no set number, just write. It may even take a few days. I’m sure you’ll add to it periodically.

Some people even like to find pictures of the things they want and post them where they can see them. If it’s something like changing a habit or your waistline, you may just want to write it out on cards and place them where you can see and read them often. The more you think about what you want, they more you’ll do what is necessary to get what you want. (Just a side note about weight loss. In order for you to “lose” weight, your mind is busy trying to find it. Instead, state how you will look and feel at your ideal weight. Start thinking about that every day and you’ll become that new you.)

Life is in your control more than you think. It’s your choice. Make it happen.


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