Freedom to Help

By Colleen Corbett

About 5 years ago I became a changed person. After a lifetime of depression I was finally free, depression free, and I was finally capable of seeing things about life and my mindset that were difficult to keep a grip on before.

I was having thoughts about how I could share my new found mental freedom with others. It started out very, very small, like a tiny hair tickling my cheek but I kept brushing it away.  At first it was just wanting to do something, to feel like I was contributing to my family or society. Then the tickle became more like a bothersome fly buzzing around my head and I wanted to smack it and squash it. After all, who was I to think I could help anyone. I was barely helping myself.  I figured any thoughts about being a mentor or workshop facilitator were just those ideas that didn’t actually belong to me. They were there for other people. 

Finally I allowed the ideas I kept having to stick around long enough for me to decide that maybe I could share my journey of discovery with other people and help them in their own journey of self improvement.  This took a couple of years. I ended up teaching a vision board workshop. It was a good start and taught me some great lessons and whetted my appetite to do more. I wanted to go beyond vision boards.

With my radar tuned to finding more help I was led to Leslie Householder’s Genius Bootcamp. It was a step up from my previous experiences and opened my eyes to greater possibilities. I am currently working through her mentor training course on my way to becoming a Genius Bootcamp and Mindset Mastery facilitator.  I am now on the verge of becoming what I have been dreaming of in shadow form for many years, even before it was that nuisance idea that finally buzzed around in my head long enough for me to take action.  Everything is finally coming together as it should at the right time in my life. Everything has a finite gestation period and my dream is on the verge of reality.


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