Writer’s Retreat and the Pandemic

Cosette Snarr

A few months ago I signed up for Leslie’s writer’s workshop. I was excited at the thoughts of having the Leslie Householder help me have a bestselling book just like hers. Of course, one of my first concerns was how to pay for it. I had the funds in a few different places, but really didn’t want to take from these areas. Leslie suggested I apply the laws of thought to create the funds. I’ll admit, I’ll liked the idea of creating and attracting and had used the laws for some things in the past, but the part of me that needs to see how it’s going to materialize was showing its head. I was secure in knowing if it didn’t show up, I had what I needed anyway. Then the pandemic hit.

We had some money in an account that went from $6000 to $34 in one day. That was money I’d been counting on. Needless to say, I was devastated and started second guessing my idea to even attend the retreat. What other calamities were we going to experience?

A couple of days later my husband came home to tell me his hours at work had been cut back. Now instead of getting 40 hours a week plus substantial overtime, he was only going to work 32 hours. We were simply grateful he had a job and we still had insurance. But the question loomed—how were we going to survive, let alone pay for the retreat, which I’d already put on a card?

My husband and I sat down and went through the numbers, talked about some solutions, and came up with ideas. Things were going to be tight but we could do it, providing we really tightened our belts. Then I felt an immense rush of peace come over me and said, “God’s economy is not like ours. Everything will be fine.”

Within a couple of days my husband found a second part-time job that he thoroughly loves, making up for the gap he’s experiencing from his full-time job. We finagled a few other things resulting in our checking account balance increasing substantially.

About this time Leslie sent out word that because of the pandemic plans were changing. We were given the option to stay with the writer’s retreat and do it virtually, or take those funds and apply it toward becoming one of Leslie’s certified facilitators—something I’d been thinking about anyway. I was disappointed to not have five hands-on days working with her on my book, but recognized the awesome opportunity to work even closer with her for a longer period of time.

Within less than two weeks I’d felt the fall and rise of the rhythm of life, just as the law explains. My initial stress was completely dispelled and I knew God knew exactly what we needed.


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